Splash 11 - New Directions

Splash 11 - New Directions
Rachel Rubin Wolf
F+W Media
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When life, or the spirit of experimentation, or the whim of watercolor itself leads artists outside their comfort zone, conditions are favorable for something new and wonderful to happen. Splash 11: New Directions features 126 such somethings, representing the best watercolor work being created today. As intriguing as the paintings themselves, the artists talk about what inspired these new directionsanything from a trip around the world to a bowl of apples passed by a hundred times before. Find out how a workshop, a new brush, or a new perspective (like painting into the sun) injected these works with fresh energy, emotion and inner reflection. In true Splash tradition, the sheer diversity of work within is stunningfrom thick, dark and dramatic to light, loose and washy ... in some cases all in the same piece. You'll find work from favorite Splash watercolorists, along with quite a few new artists never before seen in print. Anyone who has a passion for art will...