Artist's Photo Reference

Artist's Photo Reference
Bart Rulon
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Capturing the details is what makes wildlife painting come alive. Getting the fur, facial features and anatomy right with subjects that refuse to stand still adds to the challenge.Artist's Photo Reference: Wildlife saves the day by allowing you to concentrate on what's important - creating great art.Artist and photographer Bart Rulon provides hundreds of gorgeous full-color images showcasing nearly four dozen animals from a variety of angles. Each one has been taken with the needs of the artist in mind, ensuring that you save time, effort, money and worry. Stop wasting hours combing through endless magazines and books. You'll find all the high-quality reference photos you need right here!Rulon also provides guidelines for taking your own reference photos, plus five demonstrations in a variety of media, that illustrate how professional wildlife artists create extraordinary works of art by painting from photographs.Wildlife is the perfect addition to...