[Modern Wicked Fairy Tales 14] • Pied Piper

[Modern Wicked Fairy Tales 14] • Pied Piper
Kitt, Selena
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In this Modern Wicked Fairy Tale, Dr. William Pfeiffer is a brilliant researcher who’s never met a problem he couldn’t solve—or a woman who didn’t want to make him hers.

Haley is a single mother struggling to make ends meet as a waitress who quits her job to seek Dr. Pfeiffer out on behalf of her daughter, Piper.

Because Will is doing the final round of testing of his experimental device that allows the deaf to hear again.

And Haley would do anything to help her little girl.

But for the first time, Will encounters several problems he can’t solve.

His boss, Dr. Ratte, is pushing him to get the device to market at an alarmingly rapid rate.

Will has also developed feelings for the strong, beautiful young woman who has come to him for help.

But her daughter is in his study and it’s an enormous conflict of interest.

And just when he thinks he can’t handle another perplexing conundrum, children in the study are slipping into mysterious comas…