Archangel Project 2: Noa's Ark

Archangel Project 2: Noa's Ark
C. Gockel
Podium Publishing
romance , science fiction , science fiction & fantasy , alien invasion
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First contact didn't go as planned.

Time Gate 8, one of humanity's portals between the stars, has been overrun by a mysterious alien intelligence, and the planet Luddeccea is now cut off.

Haunted by those she left behind, Commander Noa Sato is on a desperate mission to save her homeworld. Navigating the ancient Ark, she seeks a hidden gate that will transport her ship to Earth and the Galactic Fleet. But the Luddeccean system harbors dangers, and so does her crew.

The only crew member she completely trusts is James Sinclair, but he doesn't trust himself.

James isn't the man he once was. He has a hunger that is never sated, kills without regrets, and is fitted with extraordinary augments he doesn't remember getting. Can James control his augments, or will they control him?

In a future where almost all humans are augmented, James' answer and Noa's mission will determine the fate of the human race, and the enemy is already within the gates.