The World (Game) According to Les Murray

The World (Game) According to Les Murray
Les Murray
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Part history, part critique, all commentary, this book shares what it is about football that makes it so irresistible.In his distinctive voice and fired with his unique passion, The World (game) According to Les Murray tells the story of the truly global game of football: where it sprang from, why it mutated and migrated, and how Australia, too, is being conquered.Meet the amazing players who have embodied the perfection and imperfections of the beautiful game. Read how world events have been played out on the sporting stage of World Cups.It's Les Murray's take on the world's favourite game, mixing historical fact with opinion as he attempts to describe why football touches the heart, why footballers are idolized, how the World Cup is the greatest event in the world.Les Murray has been a besotted fan of football for most of his life. If you're one of the similarly stricken, this book is for you.