[Chase Islands 01] • Rough Exile

[Chase Islands 01] • Rough Exile
Black, Sorcha
Belfry Publishing
romance , adult
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Working as hired prey for rich men is risky, but getting kidnapped from Prey Island by two big, bearded Russians isn’t in my job description. Once Bron and Ilya have me in their clutches, they offer me a contract they won’t let me refuse.

Worse, they’re exactly my type.

Now I’m the test subject in Bron’s final push to teach Ilya how to be a ‘real man’. Without me, their exile on a rugged island in northern Russia may become a life sentence. Their toxic relationship intrigues me. To my dismay, soon I’m struggling not to fall in love with both men and their rough, overbearing attentions.

When we visit Ilya’s ruthless family, I pose as his fiancée to prove he's changed. Secrets are exposed. Deadly chaos reigns.

The three of us have struggled to create a life together, but a storm is coming.

I don't know if we're ready.