“You’re mine tonight, Karleshia. You said you wanted to find someone to fuck? Well I happen to be very attracted to curvy girls like you. Fuck me tonight. I promise it’ll be the best of your life.”


Karleshia didn’t even think about it. She nodded, desire quickly filling her brain. He quickly moved towards her and Karleshia shuddered with pleasure as she felt his hot, wet tongue gently sliding across her face, tasting her.


He tore off her costume with a single movement of his teeth and took a second to admire her body.


“Yes. Yes. Perfect. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Karleshia. And you’re all mine tonight.”


His words made her grin in spite of herself. She’d never been praised like that before. She looked down and saw that his cock was much bigger than average. Gigantic and still growing, it shone in the moonlight as it lengthened. Karleshia wanted him to stuff it inside of her already but Blake had already gone back to work on her, attacking her big tits with his tongue.


She leaned her head back as he worked, first sucking on one breast and then the other, enjoying the feel of her dark nipples in between his teeth. She knew he was only toying with her. Before she realized what she was doing, her hand was outstretched towards the direction of his cock as if to grab it.


He paused and grinned.


“You want my cock baby?”


Karleshia felt her drool run down her face as her mouth watered. She wanted nothing more. She nodded.


“Get on the ground.”


She obeyed without question. She grabbed his cock and began to massage, gently at first. She breathed on the head, teasing him a little. He growled with anticipation as she teased him. She gave the head a small lick, intending to tease him mercilessly. But he was having none of it. He grabbed her head with his paws and shoved her face onto him.


Karleshia giggled and went as far as she could go on his cock. She only got a little over halfway it was so huge. She let it sit there for a second, enjoying the feel of it, the veins on her tongue. She took it out and spat on it again, getting it even wetter, massaging him quicker this time.


He snarled with pleasure as she worked him like the animal he was, her hand moving quicker up and down his giant cock. She shoved it in her mouth again, licking it, her tongue swirling around enjoying the fullness in her mouth. Finally, Blake lost control. He pulled her up and began to ravage her with his mouth.


He assaulted her pussy, his tongue flicking her nub as he gripped her love handles, enjoying the feel of her soft flesh. His tongue stabbed into her pussy, probing, finding her g-spot almost immediately. She moaned with pleasure as he worked his tongue, fucking her with more ferocity than Marcus ever had with his cock.


Karleshia felt her orgasm rise to the surface as he licked, his tongue running through her throbbing folds. She screamed as her orgasm exploded into his mouth, her juices covering his face. But he wasn’t done yet. Not even close.


He attacked her even harder this time, working his tongue through her, hitting all of the sensitive spots easily. She shuddered as his hot, wet tongue moved across her clit, assailing her pussy. Just when she felt like she was going to cum again, he stopped.


“Are you ready for the best fucking of your life, baby?”


“Fuck yeah,” she responded without hesitation. All she wanted was that cock inside of her.


He leaned her back against the wall of the alley, the bright moonlight shining on his body. He slowly pushed his cock inside of her. Karleshia almost screamed again. Marcus was nothing compared to this. Holy shit!


The beast’s cock filled her up completely, stretching her pussy as far as it would go. He let it rest there for a second, enjoying the feel of her tightness. He moved out and plunged back in again, quicker this time, thrusting into her with such force she thought she might faint from the pleasure.


She screamed as he moved, fireworks exploding in front of her eyes. The cock moving through her made her feel a kind of pleasure she’d never felt before. The pure fullness of him made her shudder with pleasure. His thrusts became quicker and quicker as her juices dripped onto him.


Maybe it was some kind of magic, but somehow he was able to hit all of her pleasure spots. Karleshia saw stars as he thrust in and out, turning her around and fucking her from behind in an instant.


She felt another orgasm rise to the surface as he began to move with superhuman speed, his cock ripping in and out of her quicker and quicker with each thrust. She screamed as she released her juices all over his cock. She heard him growl with pure pleasure as he felt himself beginning to lose control, still furiously pumping in and out of her.


Finally, he completely lost control. He pulled her up to his chest, still thrusting into her, grabbing her tits for support as he moved. He massaged them as he felt his orgasm quickly rise to the surface.


He howled at the moon as he released into her, his juices pumping into her like a jet from a hose. His white-hot cum filled her to the brim as she took all of it, her pussy responding to the warm feel of his juices.


She collapsed against his chest, already feeling him turn back into a human. By the time she looked up he was already back to normal, a big grin on his face.


“That was fucking awesome, Blake. Can we do that again tomorrow?”


He smiled down at her.


“We definitely can. I don’t need a full moon to turn and I can control it, so this can be a nightly thing if you want.” He looked at her naked body shining in the moonlight. “God you really are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I think this is going to be the start of a really great relationship.”


She smiled up at him.


“So do I.”




And they were exactly right. Shortly after their first fuck, Blake moved in with her. It was a good thing he was there for her because it was only a few months later that she realized she was pregnant.


She knew it was Blake’s werewolf baby growing inside of her and not Marcus’s baby. For one thing, she started to crave raw meat. For another, Blake knew she was pregnant before she did. He had a way of figuring things out that probably had a lot to do with being a werewolf. It was thanks to him she took that pregnancy test in the first place.


At first she was a little surprised to learn she was pregnant, even though she knew there was a risk because Blake always came inside of her. But once her shock wore off, she felt pleased and proud. She’d set out to change her life for the better and now she had a perfect boyfriend and a baby on the way. Life was good.






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The Alpha’s Special Seed


Lashaya turned around slowly in front of the mirror, hoping she didn’t look as stupid as she felt.


“Isha, are you sure this thing isn’t too small on me? I don’t want my curves to show,” she said, tugging the front of her shorts down a little.


Isha looked up from her phone, eying Lashaya’s shirt and shorts.


“You look fine Lashaya, stop worrying about it. Some guys like curves, believe me. Who knows? Maybe these guys will, too,” she said, going right back to her phone.


Lashaya turned back to the mirror for the tenth time and examined herself. She hated the way she looked. Every time she went out, she was painfully aware of the fact that she was curvier than most girls. She’d been curvy for most of her life, and by now she’d mostly gotten used to it, but she’d completely given up on ever finding a guy.


Then, her friend Isha had decided to take her on a double date. She asked her out of the blue if she was available tonight and when she said yes, Isha immediately called the guys they’d be going out with. Worst of all, it was a blind double date, so neither of them knew what the guys looked like.


Lashaya couldn’t be more nervous. Apart from knowing she looked ridiculous in the outfit Isha picked for her, she’d never been on a date in her life. That was part of the reason Isha had asked her to go with her.


Lashaya had never been on a date before, much less had sex, so she had no idea what to expect tonight. She had no experience so even if, by some miracle, the guy wanted to fuck her, she would have no idea what to do. It was too late now though, she’d already agreed to go with Isha.


“Are you just about ready?” asked Isha, jarring her out of her thoughts.


“I guess so,” Lashaya grumbled, putting on her shoes.


“All right, let’s go,” said Isha, springing up from the couch and heading out the door.


Lashaya sighed and followed her friend. Isha was lucky. She was a beautiful, skinny girl who had no trouble getting guys. She was only doing this partly to help Lashaya and partly to try out blind dating.


They got into her car and drove off.


“So where is it we’re going?” asked Lashaya, fidgeting with her purse.


Isha didn’t answer for a minute.


“Isha? Hello? Where is we’re going tonight?” she asked again.


“Uh, you’re not going to like this very much. But I set it up so that each guy would take us somewhere else. We’re going to be meeting in front of the mall and then the guys will choose which of us to go with. And then we’ll go wherever.”


Lashaya stared at her friend, dumbstruck.


“So it’s not really a double date then, is it? Why the hell didn’t you tell me this before? I wouldn’t have agreed if I knew this!” she sat back on the car seat, fuming.


Isha winced.


“Sorry! But I think this is the best thing for you. If it’s just the two of you. When was the last time you were on a real date? Going out with this guy is going to be a lot of fun for you, I know it.”


“But I’ve never even been on a date before! How am I supposed to know what to do?”


Isha smiled.


“Just keep him talking and you won’t get bored, I promise. Plus, if he’s a hot guy, you can just pass the time away staring at his body, face, or ass. He probably won’t mind too much,” she said with a giggle.


Lashaya felt her heart pounding faster now. What the hell was she supposed to do now? She wasn’t used to being around guys. She’d never been on a date.


“So what if the guy ends up wanting to fuck me? What am I supposed to do then?” asked Lashaya.


“You just need to let him take over. It would be your first time, so you need to enjoy it. It won’t hurt, I promise. It’ll be the best feeling of your life, I promise that too. The one thing you need to do on the date and in bed, is to just be yourself. Let him take over, he’ll be trying to impress you just as much as you’re trying to impress him. That’s the whole reason he agreed to go on the date.”


Lashaya sincerely doubted that the guy who “chose” her would worry about that. The most likely scenario was the hot guy picking Isha leaving the other one to be stuck with her. He’d probably be miserable the entire night.


They pulled up to the mall a little after seven. Lashaya was shaking nervously as she stepped out of the car. She hoped the guy wouldn’t notice how nervous she was. They walked up to the doors of the mall, Isha walking quickly and confidently, Lashaya stumbling every few steps, feeling more idiotic by the minute.


Lashaya and Isha saw their dates before they saw them.


“Holy shit, is that them?” asked Lashaya.


A huge grin had spread across Isha’s face.


“I think so. How lucky are we?” she said, laughing.


The two guys they were looking at had to be the two hottest guys on the planet. At the very least, in the top ten. The one on the left, who was black, looked a little younger, with short, brown hair and a huge, sexy tattoo on his arm. The other one was white, with short, brown hair and rippling muscles they could see from across the parking lot.


The one with the brown hair looked straight at them as they walked up, and immediately locked eyes with Lashaya.


“Hi, are you guys the ones taking us out tonight?” asked Isha brightly.


The black one smiled and extended his hand.


“I’m Shawn and this is my friend, Blake.”


“I’m Isha and this is Lashaya.” They shook hands with each other, Blake not taking his eyes off of Lashaya.


Isha noticed him staring at Lashaya and smiled.


“Well it looks like you chose who you wanted to take out, and you’re stuck with me, Shawn! Call me if you need a ride, Lashaya,” she said, winking at her.


“All right, what do you want to do?” asked Shawn as he took Isha by the hand and led her inside.


This was the moment Lashaya had been dreading. She was now left alone with this admittedly gorgeous guy, but there was dead silence. All he could do was stare at her, almost hungrily.


“So, what do you want to do?” she asked nervously.


Suddenly he smiled, revealing a row of perfect, white teeth.


“I’ve got a great idea. I know a great place a few blocks down from here that I think you’d like. Come with me,” he said, holding out his hand.


She took it, heart pounding as she felt the warmth from his hand spread through her body, threatening to overwhelm her. Oh god, just his touch was almost too much. There was something very strange about this man, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was like he had a kind of power over her, like she was willing to do anything he wanted.


Lashaya couldn’t think of anything interesting to say as they walked down the street together, hand in hand. What had Isha said, just let the guy do the talking? Yeah that didn’t look like it was going to happen anytime soon. This guy was hot, but he seemed more like the strong, silent type.


“So, where are you taking me?” she asked, hoping to start a conversation.


“Oh you’ll see. It’s a neat little place. If I’m right about you, then I think you’ll really enjoy it, especially the surprise at the end.”


She wondered what the hell he was talking about. Was he taking her to a magic show or something? What kind of surprise? And what did he mean by being “right” about her? All these questions flew through her head, but she didn’t have the courage to ask.


They stopped in front of a bar Lashaya had never seen before.


“Do you want to go in here for a bit? This isn’t the place I wanted to take you, but I could use a drink.”


She could probably use a drink too.


“Sure, that sounds great.”


He opened the door for her and they walked in. It looked pretty empty tonight, which seemed odd for a Saturday night. The bartender walked over and Blake whispered something in his ear. He nodded and went to the other end of the bar to make the drinks. Blake sat down next to her.


“So, Lashaya, what’s up? You seem pretty nervous.”


She groaned. Had she been that obvious?


“Yeah, I am a little bit,” she said, feeling a little hesitant to tell him why.


“How come?”


Her hesitation seemed to melt away as he asked. Again, she felt like she wanted to do as he asked. She felt like she had some sort of connection with him, and even though she just met him, she felt like she could trust him.


“Well, to be honest, this was the first date I’ve ever been on. I’m not really much of a social girl, more of a stay at home working type. I never went out much in college or anything. So I’m not sure exactly what to do.”


He chuckled.


“You don’t have to worry. But how come you don’t get out much?” his voice full of something that sounded like concern.


“Well, look at me. I’m a curvy girl. I guess I was born this way or something because I’ve had curves for most of my life. I know not too many guys find me attractive. I know I’m not that attractive. So there’s no point going out if I can’t have a guy to spend time with. I know, it’s lame.”


“Bullshit. You are beautiful to me, I promise you that. Fuck what everyone else thinks, you’re gorgeous,” he said in a strong, commanding tone making Lashaya feel like she was melting.


She blushed brightly. She’d never, ever been paid a compliment like that before. Most people, like Isha, accepted the fact that she thought she was too curvy. But this man was different. He sounded like he really did think she was beautiful.


Luckily, their drinks came so she didn’t have to embarrass herself by talking even more.


“To a good night tonight,” he said, raising his glass.


“Cheers,” she said happily, and drank deeply.


She coughed as the drink went down her throat, filling her with energy. It felt like fire was racing down her throat.


“What was that?” she asked.


He chuckled.


That wasn’t supposed to be drunk in one sip. But I’m very impressed. Not only did you manage to finish the drink, but you finished it in one gulp. Not many girls I know are capable of doing that. I know I’m right about you,” he said.


The drink had filled her with a strange sense of confidence, like she could do anything she wanted.


“Okay, what do you mean by that? That’s the second time you’ve said that tonight. How do you know you’re right about me? What have I done that makes you so certain?”


He chuckled again and finished his drink.


“I can tell you are different than any other girl I’ve ever met before, Lashaya. You’ll see what I mean later on tonight. For now, let’s go to that place I wanted to take you,” he said, getting up and leaving a bill on the bar. He took her by the hand as he led her back out into the night.


“It won’t be too long now, only a couple more minutes. And when we get there, don’t worry too much about it. I promise it won’t be like you think. We’re going to enjoy ourselves.”


Lashaya found herself eagerly anticipating the surprise he had in store for her. Was he going to take her to some kind of amazing show? Or maybe he was going to take her to some party? Either way, she realized she was growing more and more attracted to him as the night wore on, and they hadn’t even known each other for an hour.


They walked silently another couple of blocks until they stopped in front of what looked like a house. Lashaya was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn’t even noticed they entered a neighborhood. This house seemed to stand out from the others, though. It had bright lights and it looked like there was a party or something going on.


“Well, here we are. Again, don’t worry, it is a party but that’s not the reason I took you. We won’t be staying at the party long.”


He walked her up to the front door and knocked. A few seconds later it swung open as a twenty-something guy answered.


“Hey, sir. Just go right on through. Have fun and don’t overdo it.”


Blake smiled at him.


“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be gentle.”


He stepped aside to let them pass. Lashaya wondered what that was all about. Obviously they knew each other. But what did he mean by the ‘gentle’ part? He wasn’t seriously thinking about fucking her or anything, was he?


Lashaya’s excitement increased as they entered the house. A wave of sound instantly washed over her. Lashaya was ready to look around for the bar, but Blake had other plans. He took her arm and walked her through the crowded party, leading her to what looked like a door in the back of the room. He pushed it open and closed the door behind them.


The sound was cut off completely. He turned to her.


“Lashaya, what I want to show you is up on the roof. You will enjoy this, I promise. I can tell, you are perfect.”


Lashaya heard alarm bells going off in her head. She barely knew the guy and he was about to take her up on the roof of some building. What was he planning to do with her? He led her up a flight of stairs until they got to another door. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this. All of her instincts told her to run away. But she couldn’t resist him. He opened the door and Lashaya walked through.


It wasn’t anything special, just a normal roof of a building. Why the hell did he want to take her up here? Certainly not for the view. Lashaya walked to the middle of the roof and gazed out into the night. A full moon. Was that what he wanted to show her?


“What’s so special up here?” she asked, turning around to face him.


“You are, Lashaya. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the right choice for me. Now it’s time.”


Lashaya backed up quickly, heart racing.


“Time for what exactly? Why the hell did you take me up here? What are you planning to do to me?”


He closed the door without a word, stepped into the light of the moon and stood there, unmoving for a minute. Lashaya was about to climb down the roof when she noticed something strange. She saw that short hairs had begun to grow from his arms, legs and chest. His hands and feet grew bigger as he grew a snout. But Lashaya’s eyes were glued to his cock. She found herself staring at his cock as if under a spell. She watched as it grew and grew until it was even longer than any human one.


Her first cock. Lashaya knew it wasn’t a real, human cock, but it was the first one she’d ever seen. She felt her mouth water as she stared at it, wanting it inside her. She knew it was probably wrong, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted it.


Lashaya should have been terrified. She should have gotten the fuck out of that place as soon as possible. Within a few minutes, she was staring at a fully grown gigantic wolf. Much bigger than any wolf she’d ever seen. But instead of backing up, she found herself drawn to him. She realized that she actually moved even closer to him as he transformed. She wasn’t scared. She was hornier than ever.


“This is my true form, Lashaya,” came a deep, growling voice.


It seemed to be coming from everywhere around her. Again, she should have been scared. But his wolf voice was strangely soothing and gentle.


“What are you?” she whispered.


“I am what your kind call, a werewolf. I was bitten years ago by another and now I’ve learned to control myself when I’m turned. I can turn in moonlight whenever I want. I’ve taken you to my home so that we can fuck.”


“Why me? I’m a chubby virgin. Why would you show me?”


He licked his lips hungrily.


“Because we are connected, Lashaya, haven’t you felt it?”


She realized he was right. She felt as if he was hers and she was his. She took another tentative step forward.


“Now, Lashaya, I have to ask you. Are you ready to get fucked by a werewolf?”


She nodded, hardly unable to believe what she was hearing. She wanted to lose her virginity and it would be tonight.


“Fuck me.”


His laugh sounded more like a growl as he slowly moved over to her. He easily tore her clothes off with his claws, gently turning her body around to admire her big, meaty ass. He gripped her ass as he turned her back around. He quickly moved his mouth down to her tits, and began to suck on her dark nipples.


Lashaya felt her nipples harden as he clutched her ass, sucking first on one tit, and then the other, tongue lashing out as he made her pussy wetter and wetter. She’d never had her tits sucked before and she fucking loved it. As he sucked, she played with her pussy, getting wetter by the second. She wanted him to keep sucking but she wanted his cock even more.


“Suck my cock, now,” he commanded, as if on cue.


She obeyed wordlessly, reaching for his massive cock. He gave her tits one last lick with his long tongue as she got down on her knees and began to suck.


There was no teasing. She couldn’t even get his huge wolf cock halfway he was so big. She ran her lips down his shaft as he growled with pleasure, gently moving her hair behind her head. She felt each and every vein against her tongue as she sucked, enjoying the feel of the extra thickness.


Her pussy throbbed as her head moved up and down on his cock, sucking him harder and harder. She felt his cock throb in her throat as she sucked, knowing he loved this. She didn’t want him to cum yet, but she figured as a werewolf he’d still be able to fuck her pretty good.


A smile spread over her face as she sucked and thought about what she was doing. She was sucking a fucking werewolf cock. If someone had told her yesterday she’d have a giant eleven inch werewolf schlong halfway down her throat, she would have laughed her ass off.


When she felt he had enough of her tongue sliding along his cock, she let him take her. He gently pulled her up and pushed his huge tongue down her throat. The taste of his warm, wet tongue was incredible and she responded with equal fervor, trying as hard as she could to suck his tongue as it writhed inside her mouth.


He bent down and began to lick her pussy furiously, fucking her pussy with his tongue as he massaged her clit. Lashaya gave a moan of pleasure as his tongue plunged in and out of her, filling her wet hole. She quickly felt her orgasm rise to the surface with each pass of his tongue, grabbing his huge, hairy arms for support. She came quicker than she expected, every drop of her cum splashing into his mouth as he took it all.


She shuddered with pleasure as she felt his tongue move off her pussy. She wanted more though. She wanted his giant cock inside her.


Lashaya grabbed his cock with both hands and made to guide it into her pussy, but Blake had other plans. She knew he was strong, but she didn’t know how strong. He proved just how much when he lifted her clear off the ground and impaled her pussy with his cock.


It happened so suddenly, Lashaya didn’t know what happened until she felt a massive wave of pleasure wash through her. Her mind was washed of all thought as he began to pull in and out of her. His fullness felt fucking perfect in her slick pussy as he stretched her to the max, making another orgasm quickly begin to rise to the surface.


He moved in and out of her quicker and quicker as her giant tits bounced on his chest. His cock was perfect, it hit all the right spots as he moved her up and down on him.


“Holy shit!” was all she could manage to say as she felt her orgasm peak. His cock was dripping with her juices as he slid quicker and quicker in and out of her, at speeds a normal human could never reach. She felt her cum wash over his cock as he started to lose control himself.


But he wasn’t done with her yet. He slowed down and paused, letting her catch her breath for a second. He flipped her over so that she was on her knees with her big, beautiful ass in the air. He salivated as he quickly pushed his shaft into her pussy, fucking her from behind. She moaned with pleasure as she felt yet another orgasm begin to build.


Lashaya couldn’t believe the kind of pleasure she was feeling. She’d never experienced anything like it before. She heard herself moan as Blake’s cock slid in and out of her with a renewed vigor, hitting different but equally pleasuring spots.


Spots danced in front of her eyes as he took her, dominating her soaking wet pussy. His breaths got heavier and less measured as he pounded more furiously, ripping into her. This animal really knew how to fuck. She wondered how many other women he’d fucked like this. She heard him howl at the moon as he finally broke.


Lashaya felt her orgasm wash through her body in one giant wave of pleasure, her juices meeting his in a sea of sex. She felt his white-hot cum shoot into her pussy like a bullet, filling her to the brim as she groaned with pleasure at the feel of his juices. He gripped her big tits as he roared with pleasure, his cock pumping waves of cum into her.


She collapsed on the roof, completely drained of energy but feeling like she’d just had the best fuck of her life. She’d just been dominated by a werewolf and it was the best thing she’d ever felt in her life. She turned around to face Blake, ready to spend the rest of the night snuggling in the warmth of his fur.


But when she looked back at him, she found he was a normal human again. He still looked fucking gorgeous even as a human. She wondered if she’d ever be able to fuck a human being after her incredible experience tonight.



“Holy shit that was amazing,” said Lashaya breathlessly. She still couldn’t believe what she’d done. How many girls could say that they lost their virginity to a wolf? She couldn’t wait to tell Isha all about this.


He smiled down at her as he helped her up.


“Yeah, it was. One thing though. No one else knows about me being a wolf. Not even my friend, who went out with yours. I’ve known him for a long time, but he is never supposed to know. No one is. This just between you and me, okay?”


She nodded.


“You got it,” she said. “Could you give me a ride?”


A wicked grin spread over her lover’s face.


“How about you stay over here tonight? You can go another round, can’t you?”


She laughed.


“You’re on,” she said, lying back with a grin.




Lashaya stayed a lot longer than that one night. In fact, she ended up moving in with him a few weeks after their first fuck. She realized that for the first time in her life, she was actually in love.


And it was only a few months later that she realized she was pregnant. It started with the cravings for red meat and then she started to notice her belly getting bigger. And her pregnancy test confirmed it: she had a half werewolf child growing inside of her.


Now that she was living with her werewolf lover, she knew having a child wouldn’t be a problem. She was excited to raise a wolf, actually. And Blake couldn’t wait to teach his child how to be a werewolf. He was even starting to talk about how he could turn Lashaya into a wolf if she wanted.


Lashaya wasn’t sure if she was ready to turn into a wolf just yet, but she knew one thing: her life had completely turned around thanks to Blake. And she couldn’t wait to see what the future had in store for them.





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First Touch of the Wolf


Kameesha felt her heart pound wildly in her chest as she checked her make up. She’d never been more nervous in her life.


“Think I’m putting too much makeup on?” she asked her friend, Shandra.


Shandra looked up from her phone, exasperated.


“I told you, you look fine,” she said sighing and putting her phone down. “Look, you told me you wanted to be adventurous. This is the first step to changing yourself, Kameesha. You don’t want to be insecure anymore? Prove it. Go to the party. Enjoy yourself. Don’t be nervous.”


Kameesha turned back to the mirror.


“But do you really think any guy would want to hook up? I mean, that’s the whole point right? To finally find a guy for me?”


“Yeah, but the most important thing is for you to be comfortable. Don’t get hung up on that and just try to relax. I know you aren’t used to doing things like this, but there is really nothing to worry about. If you meet a guy then great. If not, don’t worry about it. There are other parties,” she said in a tired voice, turning back to her phone.


Kameesha smiled in spite of herself. Shandra had always been there for her. Even though she was much prettier and much skinnier, she’d been friends with Kameesha for years. Now, she had gotten her invited to the biggest party in town.


Kameesha was grateful that Shandra would help her like this, but she couldn’t help but be completely terrified. She wasn’t used to parties or any big social events like that. She was always more comfortable staying at home and working.


The big reason Kameesha never went out much was because she was terribly self-conscious about herself. She’d always been a very curvy girl and she knew people would make fun of her for it everywhere they could. It had died down once she became an adult, but the pain was still there.


She turned around, checking herself out in the mirror.


“Are you sure my outfit doesn’t make me look too big?” she asked.


Shandra sighed again.


“You’re going to be fine, Kameesha. I may stop by if I have time.”


That got Kameesha excited.


“You will? I’d be a lot more comfortable if I actually knew someone there instead of going into it with a bunch of strangers.”


Shandra shook her head.


“It’s the only way you’ll be able to overcome your problem, Kameesha. I’ll pop in if I can because I have nothing better to do tonight. But I’m not going to stay the whole night. You have to go out and meet people. Now stop worrying about the way you look and let’s go. We’re already late.”


Kameesha examined herself one more time in the mirror and sighed. She’d never be able to get with a hot guy, but she didn’t think she looked too embarrassing. She followed Shandra out the front door and into her car, heart pounding faster than ever.


“So any tips for me since it’s my first party?” asked Kameesha.


“Make sure you don’t get too drunk otherwise you may get some creeper fucking you instead of a guy you want. That’s very important. Make sure you call me when you’re ready to leave though so I can pick you up. Try to be yourself and just talk to people, you’ll make friends. Oh and the most important thing of all: I don’t care how handsome a guy is, don’t let him get you drunk and take you upstairs. There’s always a chance he could call some friends over and have them join in. You really don’t want that, believe me.”


Kameesha nodded, trying to remember everything.


“Any tips for me if I do manage to get a guy?”


Shandra smiled.


“The most important thing is be yourself. I know you’re a virgin, but I promise it doesn’t really hurt that much. If you do feel any pain it’ll be gone really quickly. Just let him take over. If he’s a virgin too, then it’ll be kind of tough but I think you can manage. I doubt that there will be many virgins at this party though,” she said with a wink.


“Oh and you want that guy to be special, not some asshole. You always remember your first.”


Kameesha nodded again, more nervous than ever. What if her inexperience turned a guy off? What if she fucked something up and pissed the guy off? She laughed nervously at herself. She knew she’d be lucky to even get a guy to talk to her let alone sleep with her.


They pulled up to the house only ten minutes late. As Kameesha opened the car door, Shandra put a hand on her arm.


“Hey, I know this is hard for you. But it really won’t be that bad. You’ll see. And remember to call me when you’re done,” she gave Kameesha’s hand a squeeze and watched her walk up to the house.


Kameesha took a deep breath and knocked. As she waited for the door to open she found herself thinking about what she’d do. Should she try to go up to random people to talk to them? Should she just sit in a corner and wait for someone to talk to her? Should she just find the bar as soon as possible? The last one sounded good.


It was a minute or two before someone opened the door to let her in. Instantly she felt like she walked into a wave of sound. Music was blaring in two corners of the room so loud she felt her ears vibrate. The walls must have been soundproof or something because you couldn’t hear a sound from outside.


She walked through the party looking for the bar. She knew she needed to be careful not to get too drunk, but she needed something to cool her nerves. She spotted it in another corner of the room and quickly walked over to it.


She sat down and relaxed. All she had to do was hang out over here for the rest of the night and she’d be able to get through this party. Maybe she’d even strike up a conversation with someone. The bartender walked over and asked her what she wanted.


“Scotch. Neat.”


That was always her favorite drink. She may be a self-conscious, nervous girl but she knew how to drink. As the bartender got her drink ready, a man walked over and sat down next to her. She glanced casually at the man and immediately looked away, anxious all over again.


Even just a quick glance told her all she needed to know. This guy was a stud. He had no business even sitting next to a curvy girl like her. Kameesha forced herself to look straight ahead, half hoping he’d walk away.


“A Scotch, huh? Not something I usually see ordered. It’s on me,” the man told the bartender as he brought her drink over. The bartender nodded and left them alone.


“T-thanks,” she said, turning to him awkwardly.


He was wearing a loose fitting, short-sleeved shirt that showed off his rippling, sexy muscles. He was white, with short, brown hair and gorgeous, electric blue eyes that she found herself getting lost in already.


 “So I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you new in town or something?”


Kameesha shook her head.


“No, I’m just not much of a party girl,” she said, turning back to her drink. She found it very difficult to look at this guy in the eye. She knew she’d blush and make herself look even worse if she tried doing that. And why would he buy her a drink like that? Of course there was no way he was going to hit on her or anything, that was absurd. Was he just being polite?


“So what brings you here?” he asked.


She took a big sip of her drink, hoping it would calm her nerves. Thankfully it seemed to work pretty well. Thank God for scotch.


“My friend thought it’d be good if I went to a party once in a while, so she had me go to this one,” she replied turning to him once more.


“How come you don’t like parties?”


She glimpsed something in those eyes. There was something in there that seemed to tell her that she could trust him. She didn’t know what it was, but she couldn’t help herself.


“I’m a pretty self-conscious girl. I mean look at me. I’m chubby and I know it. No one really likes girls like us. So I usually just stay at home while my friend goes to the parties. That and I never have time. Well now I do, since I just lost my job.”


She must have sounded sad because she saw a look of concern cross the man’s face. The odd thing was that he actually looked concerned. It looked completely genuine to her, as if he cared about her.


“That sucks. I bet I have a way of making you feel better though.”


For some reason, Kameesha found it easier and easier to talk to this guy. There was something about his voice, something about the way he spoke, that made her want to open her heart out to him.


“That would be great, actually. What do you have in mind?”


Before he could respond, Kameesha heard someone calling her name. Her head whipped around as she looked for the person. She didn’t know anyone here, who could it be? Then she saw Shandra walking right towards her, grinning. For once, Kameesha wasn’t too pleased to see her friend. She was in the middle of a conversation with the most handsome man she’d ever seen and now they were about to be interrupted!


“I’ll come back in a few minutes, you talk with your friend,” said the man with a small smile, walking towards the back of the party.


Kameesha sighed as Shandra walked up, taking the now empty seat next to her.


“How’s it going?” asked Shandra.


“Well it was going good, I was actually talking with a really gorgeous guy just now,” she said, waiting for Shandra to take the hint.


She laughed.


“Oh, sorry about that, I’ll get out of your way. Just remember one thing. If he lets you suck his cock, don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Every guy likes an aggressive girl, especially in bed.”


Kameesha blushed.


“I didn’t say anything about that. I don’t even know if he wants me. All we were doing was talking.”


Shandra winked at her and got up off the stool.


“Remember, Kameesha, enjoy your first. You’ll never forget it.”


She walked into a crowd of people and disappeared. Kameesha couldn’t imagine this man wanting her like that. She turned back to the bar, hoping he’d come back. Sure enough, she felt a warm hand rest itself on her shoulder. She turned and there he was, his eyes more beautiful than ever.


“Are you ready?” he asked as if they hadn’t been interrupted.


He took her by the arm, his touch sending sparks of electricity racing down her body. Kameesha realized she wanted him badly. But she was still apprehensive. She couldn’t remember the last time a guy actually came up and talked to her, much less one as handsome as this. What was his real reason for buying her a drink?


“Wait. What do you want from me? I’m chubby and curvy, you shouldn’t want to be seen anywhere near me. Why are you doing this for me?” she asked, heart thudding in her chest.


He smiled at her, revealing perfect, white teeth.


“You are a special girl, that’s why. Now come on, I want to show you what I can do to help you feel better. I promise that no other person on earth has seen what you’re about to see. I can tell you’re going to enjoy this.”


Kameesha found herself believing every word he was saying. She stood up and followed the man through the crowds. He slipped his hand into hers as he led her through the people. She saw couples making out everywhere and it made her more self-conscious than ever. The burning fire from the drink was gone.


Every instinct in her body told her that something was wrong. Shandra had told her not to let anyone get her drunk and take her upstairs. But was she drunk? Had the man put something in her drink without her noticing? Is that why she found it so hard to resist him? She couldn’t be drunk, otherwise she wouldn’t have a clear head.


Still, she couldn’t help but feel curious as to what he was going to show her. What could make her feel better? Was he going to put on an act or something for her? Or did he actually want to fuck her? Kameesha almost laughed out loud at the thought. As if a man that handsome would want to fuck a curvy girl like her.


The man led her to the back of the party to what looked like the living room door.


“Uh are you sure we’re supposed to be here?” she asked as they pushed through and walked across the room to a flight of stairs.


He turned to her, smiling again.


“Of course we can be here. This is my house. I throw parties like this at least once a month, hoping to find the right person.” He lightly patted her on the ass. “And now it seems I’ve finally found the right one.”


Kameesha blushed as his hand grazed her ass. Oh god. Was she about to lose her virginity? That seemed too good to be true. The man took her by the hand once more and led her up the flight of stairs and down a hallway. Finally they came to the last door in the hallway. He turned to her.


“You’re about to see something almost no one else on this earth has ever seen before. I promise though, I won’t hurt you and I know you will realize that. I can tell by the way you handle yourself. You may be curvy, but you are very special. Promise me you won’t run away,” he added.


Kameesha nodded, terrified at this point. She couldn’t imagine what he wanted to show her and hoped upon hope that it wasn’t a dead body or something like that.


He opened the door to a very strange room. It seemed to have windows on the roof instead of the sides. Moonlight poured through as Kameesha walked in, looking up at the clouds. She sucked in her breath. It was a beautiful place.


There was no furniture, just walls and the moonlight above. Kameesha turned back to him, smiling.


“This is beautiful. You were right, this did make me feel better. But what did you mean by ‘run away’?”


He took her in his arms. Kameesha’s heart pounded faster and faster.


“Earlier I told you that you were special. I meant it. Now you have to trust me. I promise I won’t hurt you.”


Kameesha backed away from him.


“What’s going on? Why did you bring me up here? Who are you?” she asked in a terrified voice.


He looked up at the moon and howled like a wolf. Kameesha was utterly confused. What the hell was going on? This guy had to be crazy. Kameesha thought about running for it, but he was blocking the door. This was exactly what Shandra had been trying to warn her about. She’d been stupid and let some crazy person take her upstairs all by herself. She’d probably be feeling the effects of some drug any time now.


Then he did something that she didn’t expect. He took off all his clothes right in front of her. His sexy muscles rippled in the moonlight as he turned back to her. But her eyes were drawn to the giant cock in between his legs. It was slowly lengthening, growing harder and harder as she watched with shock.


Holy shit, did he actually want to fuck her?


“What are you doing?” whispered Kameesha, her back to the wall.


He howled again, and this time his body began to change. His muscles bulged as he slowly grew taller. Short, brown hairs grew from all over his body as his hands turned into paws and his face grew into a snout.


Within seconds, Kameesha found herself staring at a gigantic beast. The wolf straightened and stood on two powerful hind legs, muscles more defined than any human Kameesha had ever seen before. He turned towards her, a look of hunger in his eyes.


“I want you… come to me…” a voice growled, echoing inside her mind.


The beast began to stalk over to her. Kameesha tried to back up but seemed to have forgotten she was already backed up to the wall. Nowhere to run.


“W-w-what are y-you?” she stuttered, knowing those were probably some of the last words she’d ever utter.


He growled sensually, licking his lips.


“I’m what you might call a ‘werewolf’. I will not hurt you, but I do want to fuck you. You look delicious. You are more than a desire to me… you are a need.”


Kameesha reached down absentmindedly and felt that her shorts were completely soaked through. What the fuck? She gasped as she realized she was completely aroused. She may be scared now, but her fear was already quickly getting replaced by pure lust. She could only stand there and wait as the beast stalked closer to her, licking his lips.


Kameesha felt her resistance crumble as he grabbed her arms with his thick, muscular arms. He ran his tongue gently across her face, tasting her for the first time as she shuddered with pleasure. She felt her pussy throb as he licked her across the face again. Fuck it. She wanted him.


She raised her hands in surrender. He growled with pleasure and tore her shirt off with a single swipe of his claws, exposing her large voluptuous breasts. She shuddered as he ran his hot tongue across them, making her dark nipples harden.


His hot breath on her bare tits made her pussy ache with want. She glimpsed his cock and her mouth began to water. She bent down as he leaned back, inviting her to suck him. Kameesha didn’t quite know what to do, since she had never sucked a cock before, but it couldn’t be too hard.


Kameesha thought about what Shandra said about being aggressive, and grinned. She knew what to do. She grasped him in both hands, his warm, thick cock throbbing to her touch. She slid the tip of her tongue up and down his long shaft, enjoying the taste of his wolf cock. She swirled her tongue around his head and she felt him shiver with pleasure. Kameesha smiled to herself. She was really starting to enjoy this.


She wrapped her lips around his head, sucking on him ever so gently. She started with just the head, teasing him, making him want her. It worked. He couldn’t take it any longer as he grasped her head with a strong paw and gently moved her head onto him. She giggled as she filled her mouth with his cock.


It was so big, she couldn’t fit it in all the way, but she sure tried. She took him all the way to the back of her throat and held him there for a second, before drawing back and taking him again. He let out a low growl of pleasure as she repeated.


Kameesha’s pussy was sopping wet as she sucked, yearning for a cock to fill it. She sucked him with one hand and slowly removed her underwear with the other. She let her fingers of her hand slide up her meaty leg as she began to play with herself.


Her lips swelled around his cock as she sucked with renewed vigor, leaving trails of saliva snaking down his massive cock. She spread her pussy open and rubbed herself, aching for him to fill her more than ever.


The wolf noticed his lover’s pants were now off and grinned with relish. He pulled her up and attacked her bare body, lowering her to the soft carpet. His tongue snaked around her breasts once more, making her shiver with pleasure. The warm hot tongue slowly moved down her chest right onto her clit.


Kameesha let out a small shriek of pleasure. She’d never been touched there by anyone other than herself. He was unmerciful, swirling his tongue around her most sensitive spot as she had done to him. He spread her lips open with his tongue as it darted in and out of her sopping wet hole, filling her.


Kameesha was almost blind with pleasure. She bucked as his tongue attacked her folds, sending fiery bolts of electrical pleasure up and down her body, right to her core. She grasped the carpet as he pleasured her, hitting her clit again and again. She could feel her orgasm begin to build slowly.


She couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure she was feeling at this moment. Nothing she’d ever experienced before had ever been this incredible. There must have been something about being a wolf that made him able to pleasure her so intensely with his tongue; surely no human could do this.


Kameesha reached out once more, grasping his cock as he licked her, aching to pleasure him again. But the wolf had other ideas. He sat up straight, massive cock dangling right in front of her warm hole.


“Please… fuck me…” she moaned, wanting nothing more than for him to fill her.


The wolf grinned. He took her by the hand and moved it onto his cock once more. Together, they slowly guided it into her pussy. It was a good thing Kameesha was already on the floor because she would have collapsed otherwise.


She felt a small amount of pain as he slowly entered her, but as he filled her more and more, the pain was replaced with pure pleasure. But the beast was impatient. He slid into her one more time with a slow thrust before pulling out and letting her have it. He pounded into her, completely stretching her to the max.


Kameesha leaned back against the soft carpet as he fucked her over and over again. Stars exploded in front of her eyes, blinding her.


“Fuck yes!” she managed to cry out before being silenced by the beast once more as he thrust all the way into her, completely filling her up. He hit each spot as he thrust in and out, harder and faster.


Kameesha felt her orgasm rise to the surface as he punished her pussy, each stroke completely overwhelming her. Just as her orgasm was about to peak, she felt herself being turned over in the air. It happened so fast, she didn’t have time to register it. Suddenly she found herself on all fours, taking him even harder.


His paws gripped her curves as he fucked her, harder and harder with each thrust. He was moving at superhuman speeds now, plowing into her, letting her feel the full extent of his paranormal fucking abilities.


She heard the wolf’s ragged breaths become more and more uneven as he struggled to keep control. Still he continued to pound into her, stretching her pussy again and again, making her feel whole.


“OH FUCK!” she cried as she felt her orgasm suddenly reach its peak. The world went dead silent and time seemed to slow down as she felt her body release. As her orgasm washed over his cock, she heard the wolf howl and felt a burning hot jet of liquid shoot right into her hole. The wolf pulled out of her slowly, drops of his cum still dripping out of her pussy.


Kameesha relaxed on the soft carpet, hardly unable to believe what had just happened. She finally knew what it was to feel pure, raw need. She knew she would never fuck another human again. She could never have anything less than this powerful, sexy wolf.


She turned to the wolf and watched as he slowly turned back into a human, cock still gigantic. When he’d finally finished, he gave her the biggest smile she’d ever seen.


“That was fucking amazing,” he said, walking back over to her and holding her in his arms. Watching his powerful, muscular body move like that made her pussy ache once more for him. She laughed.


“What?” he asked, still smiling at her.


“Nothing. It’s just… I can’t believe I just fucked a werewolf. I never thought I’d get to ever fuck a man before tonight. And now I’ve finally done it. I can’t believe how much pleasure one girl can feel. That was incredible. My name is Kameesha by the way.”


He squeezed one of her breasts playfully.


“I’m Mike. Nice to meet you, Kameesha,” he grinned.


“Same to you,” she replied.


Kameesha realized she was no longer the same weak, insecure girl she was a few hours ago. She felt like a real woman now.


“It was incredible,” he agreed. “But there’s one thing you were wrong about.”


Kameesha raised her eyebrows as he let her go and stood up.


“You didn’t fuck a man. You fucked a wolf.”


He howled at the moon and began to transform again.


Kameesha smiled as she opened her legs, waiting for him to take her away again. Shandra was right. This would be one night she’d never forget.




A few months later Kameesha realized she was pregnant. Her new boyfriend, Mike, had urged her to get a pregnancy test. Being a werewolf he could sense those kinds of things. Sure enough, the test came back positive and since Mike was the only one she was fucking, she knew he had to be the father.


Strangely, Kameesha didn’t have much of a problem with her situation. She’d always wanted a kid, and with Mike around to help it wouldn’t be too difficult. Since her child would be part werewolf, Mike would be the perfect father. Kameesha was excited for the future.






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Anya’s Special Wolf


Anya was getting pretty sick and tired of her living situation. She’d been living in her apartment for only a month and already she wanted out. She had to call the plumber twice because of some leaky pipes, and now her AC didn’t work.


On top of that, her landlord refused to help her with anything and even started to charge her more for rent. He never returned her calls and would always be suspiciously ‘away’ whenever Anya tried to visit him for help. Basically he was being a gigantic asshole. But Anya knew exactly why he didn’t like her.


She met her landlord the day she moved in. At first he seemed to be a nice guy, and he was very helpful in showing her around. When Anya finished the tour, he offered her a place to stay. Unfortunately that place happened to in bed with him. She turned him down.


Besides the fact that he was weird (who the fuck asks for sex right off the bat like that?), she’d never been with a man before and was too nervous to go ahead with it. She was afraid she wouldn’t be able to please him.


But ever since then, her landlord has disliked her. Every time she saw him and tried to ask him for help, he just mumbled “fat girl” insults at her. Anya was a curvy girl and had been dealing with that shit all her life, so that wasn’t what really bothered her. But she was tired of living in a piece of shit apartment with a piece of shit landlord. She needed to find a new place and fast.


Anya was a student at the local community college. Her major was communications, but she really loved researching paranormal stuff. She really loved anything to do with the supernatural. All of her favorite TV shows were shows like Supernatural, The X-files, and True Blood. She even had posters of mythical creatures like werewolves and vampires decorating her walls.


Every so often, she imagined herself being magically whisked away by a sexy werewolf or a sexy vampire or something. She just wanted to learn more about them. She dreamed about them constantly, hoping that one day she’d get the chance to meet one. But in her heart, she knew they didn’t exist. She may love the supernatural, but she knew none of it was real. It didn’t hurt to dream though, right?


One night, after the landlord failed to return her call about the bad piping, she decided she needed a drink. She got into her car and drove down the block to the local bar. It was a pretty quiet bar compared to the others around town, but Anya was fine with that. She just wanted to be left alone.


She walked through the door of the bar and found that it was unusually empty. There was an older looking woman sitting in the corner facing the door, but other than that it was just the bartender. Anya sat down at the counter and ordered her usual drink, a 7 and 7.


She was vaguely aware of the bar door opening behind her and found herself getting lost in her thoughts as she waited for her drink.


Where am I supposed to live now? How am I supposed to afford it? There aren’t any other apartments in the area. It was my own fault I went ahead with that place knowing the landlord was an asshole.


 Suddenly a man sat down right next to her at the counter, interrupting her musing. She was about to move away and find another seat, but she stopped when she saw the man’s face. Holy. Shit.


He was white, with gorgeous, electric blue eyes that seemed to pierce her soul as she gazed into them. He had a tanned, handsome, face complete with a set of cute dimples. She could see his muscles bulging underneath his shirt as he waved to the bartender.


“It’s on me,” he said in a deep, sexy voice that made her feel like she was floating in heaven.


He turned to Anya and gave her a perfect, blinding smile. Already Anya found herself entranced with this man. What the hell was wrong with her? She’d never felt anything like this before and she didn’t know what the hell was going on. Her heart was racing at a million miles a minute and she felt a wave of pure desire wash over her body. Even though she knew she was a curvy girl and probably didn’t have a chance in hell with him, she wanted him. Badly.


She figured it would probably be better if she talked with him first and got to know him before throwing herself at him.


“S-so why are you buying me a drink?” she blurted, unable to think of anything else to say.


He continued to smile that incredible smile.


“Oh I just figured you could use one. My name is Zack, by the way.”


He extended his hand and Anya took it. Instantly, Anya felt a spark of electricity race down her body. Her heart started to pound even faster as he shook her hand, staring deep into her eyes and creating even more sparks.


“M-my name is Anya,” she mumbled.


Her drink arrived and she was grateful she had something to distract her from Zack’s penetrating, entrancing gaze. It was almost like staring into a brilliant white light.


“So Anya, what brings you here tonight? I’m in here most nights and I don’t think I’ve seen you before. I think I’d have remembered you,” he said, flashing her another smile.


She blushed.


“Well I’m some pretty deep shit right now and I just felt like grabbing a drink.”


“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked, a look of concern flashing across his face. Instantly, Anya grew suspicious. Why would he care? Surely he wasn’t interested in her problems? Why was he even talking to her in the first place? It wasn’t like she looked like a Victoria’s Secret model or anything.


But she ended up telling him in spite of herself. There was just something about him that gave her comfort and made her feel like trusting him, at least a little.


“My landlord hates me and I live in a shitty apartment. I have nowhere else to go but I can’t stand living in the place I’m at right now. And worst of all, I’m not losing any weight. I keep trying all these knew diets but they just don’t seem to work. I want to be pretty and skinny, not the chubby, curvy girl I am now.”


Those last words tumbled out of Anya’s mouth before she even realized what she was saying. She’d never told anyone about her insecurities before, much less a total stranger. But it did feel good to get that off her chest.


“Well I think you’re beautiful just the way you are, Anya. Fuck what the other girls look like. I think you’re gorgeous.”


Anya was sure he could feel the heat coming off of her she was blushing so hard. She took another sip of her drink to calm herself down.


“Do you really mean that? You really think I’m beautiful?” she asked, staring deep into his eyes.


“Yes, I do. And I have an idea for your living situation, if you want to hear it. I don’t expect you to go forward with it, but I can at least try. And it may be better than what you have going on now,” he said.


Anya thought about that for a minute. Was this guy just fucking with her? If what he said was true, that he really did have a way to help her out of her current situation, then her life would change forever. She could finally live comfortably and not be under the threat of being kicked out before she was ready. But she was still a little wary. How the hell would he be able to help her?


“Before I agree, can you tell me what it is you have in mind to help me out with the living situation? I’m very curious and I’m all out of options.”


“Well there’s a place not too far from here that I can show you if you want to give it a try. You’d be living in a nice big space and there would be only one person you’d have to share with. And it’s very comfortable. I think you’d like it, but I’d have to take you there first.”


It only took Anya a moment to make her decision. She was still a little wary of this stranger, even though he was insanely gorgeous, but she knew she needed to get the hell out of her apartment. She nodded.


“That sounds great, when can I take a look?”


Zack smiled.


“We can go right now.”


He took her gently by the arm and led her out the door, into the night.


“Where’s your car?” asked Anya as she clutched his arm, fully aware of the muscles under his shirt.


“I didn’t bring it with me. Don’t worry, it’s not a far walk.”


As they walked down the street, Anya felt her nerves slowly return. She still couldn’t quite believe what was going on. Never had a gorgeous guy randomly walked up to her in a bar and offered her a place to stay. There had to be something else to this guy. Suddenly, Zack stopped walking.


“Okay, it’s right through there,” he said pointing to a cluster of trees on the side of the road. They’d reached the locally famous Wolf Woods. Even though no one had seen one yet, people said they could hear wolves howling whenever there was a full moon.


Anya shivered, trying to push the thought out of her mind. As cool as it would be to see a wolf, she didn’t think many would be too happy to see her. Maybe for a midnight snack or something.


“Your place is in the woods? We have to go in there?” she asked nervously, clutching Zack’s arm.


He smiled and kissed her on the forehead. Anya felt the heat from his kiss travel all the way through her body and probably would have collapsed if he wasn’t there to hold her up. It was that kiss that made her want to go on.


“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from anything in there. Come on,” he said, leading her in.


Within minutes, they’d reached what looked like a cave in the middle of a clearing. It was huge, at least twenty feet wide.


“Here’s the place,” he exclaimed, turning to her with a smile.


She couldn’t believe it. Was this his idea of a joke? Did he think wasting her time like this would make her feel better? Anya wasn’t pleased.


“A cave? This is what I would live in?” she asked incredulously, pulling away from him and looking him right in the eyes. As annoyed as she was, she couldn’t help but stay entranced by those mesmerizing eyes.


He chuckled.


“Have you been in these woods before, Anya?”


His question caught her off guard. What did that have to do with anything?


“No, I’ve never bothered to look around here and everyone says to stay away. They don’t want people going in. Why?”


“There’s a good reason for that. These woods are bigger than you think. And they hold many dark secrets. What else do you hear people say about the woods?”


“They say that the woods are haunted. They say they hear howls coming from the woods during the full moons.”


“Do you believe them?”


Anya hesitated before shaking her head.


“I think it’s just people making shit up to scare visitors.”


He chuckled again, his pleasant voice echoing around the trees.


“Well they are half right. The woods aren’t haunted. There aren’t any ghosts around here.” His expression turned more serious as he took a step towards her.


“But the howls are real, Anya. There are other animals that live in these woods. Animals that don’t want to be seen by humans.”


Anya noticed something strange about the way he was speaking. Don’t want to be seen by humans. That sounded a little strange. Why did he make it sound as though he wasn’t a human himself? The confidence that the drink and kiss had given her had almost completely ebbed away now. Anya was getting scared.


“What do you mean? Why are you telling me this? What was the point of bringing me here?”


He stepped back up to her and cupped her cheek with his hand, gently pushing her head upward so that she was staring right into his beautiful, blue eyes.


“Do you believe in werewolves, Anya?”


Another weird question. What the fuck was going on? Even though her heart was pounding a million times a second, Anya couldn’t help but let out a shrill laugh. This guy seemed to be completely nuts. What the hell was she thinking going along with him into the dark woods late at night?


“Of course not. Everyone knows those creatures don’t exist.”


He shook his head, his expression more serious than she’d ever seen it.


“No, Anya. We do exist. There is an entire pack of wolves that make these woods their home. Why do you think the people in town hear howls? We can change at will from human to wolf. We’ve learned to control ourselves when we’re turned so that we don’t hurt humans. Our pack has lived in these woods for many years now. And I’m the pack master.”


He sounded like he was actually serious. Anya couldn’t believe it. Here she was, in the middle of the dark woods with a gorgeous guy she’d just met, and now it turned out he’s completely crazy. She resolved never to talk to strangers again. What a fucking waste of time. But there was still a glimmer of hope burning inside her. He sounded so convinced, she decided to play along.


“Okay, pack master. Call your pack. If you really are the leader of a pack of werewolves, I’d like to see them. Prove that they exist.”


He grinned widely, as if she’d said the one thing he wanted.


“I was hoping you’d ask.”


He gave a sharp, high-pitched whistle through his fingers. Anya waited, still more scared than she’d ever been. But there was anger there too. How could she have been so stupid? When nothing showed up after a couple minutes, she finally lost her patience.


“All right, I’m done with this. If you aren’t playing some sort of sick joke on me, you seriously need to get help. Because-”


She broke off, staring in horror at the trees in front of her as shadows began to emerge. Shadows of wolves.


Anya couldn’t move. She was frozen in place with fear. She clutched Zack’s arm now as more and more wolves moved into the clearing. She noticed some of them were staring at her, drooling. These wolves weren’t normal sized, either. They were much bigger than regular wolves. Some even stood on two legs, taller than any human.


Once they had all arrived, Zack raised his hand.


“My pack! We have a human here, Anya. I’ve brought her here to show her our pack in hopes that she may one day join us. If she does agree to become one of us, will you accept her?”


All at once the wolves howled. They howled so loud, people across the country probably heard it. Anya had no idea what was going on, but she knew one thing. She would never join them. She needed to get the fuck out of there, and fast.


Zack waved his hand once more and the wolves slinked back into the woods. He turned to her with his hands on her shoulders, comforting her. It helped: Anya’s felt her heartbeat slowly return to normal, but she still wanted out.


“G-get me out of here,” she mumbled half-heartedly, startled at how high-pitched her voice sounded.


“Anya you have a chance here to join us, to become one of us. You don’t have to become a wolf if you don’t want to. I’m not going to force you. But it’s a good life. You can live in that cave with me, just the two of us. You can still go to school or work or whatever you want to do. And you’ll learn to be part of the pack.”


As he spoke, Anya once again found herself sucked into his amazing eyes. She found herself slowly starting to agree with what he was saying. What would it be like to become a werewolf? To change at will? It was what she’d always wanted.


“Show me the cave.”


He smiled and took her by the hand.


“It’s very comfortable. And like I said, it would just be the two of us living in there. You wouldn’t even have to see the rest of the pack unless I call for a meeting. You’d be very happy here.”


He led her into the darkness of the cave. The temperature seemed to rise as they walked through. Zack was right. It already felt really comfortable. When they reached the end of the cave, Anya realized that there was not much difference between this cave and her apartment. It looked almost exactly like the inside of the house.


Actual light from light-bulbs illuminated the cave. She saw a TV in the corner with a couch in front of it, a mini-kitchen on one side, two beds in the back, and even a smaller cave on one side with a shower and toilet. There was a fucking bathroom in a cave in the woods. Her jaw dropped. It was just like her apartment, only she wouldn’t have to worry about her asshole landlord or the bad plumbing or anything.


“How is this possible?” she asked incredulously.


He chuckled, a twinkle in his eye.


“You’ve just seen a pack of werewolves and that’s what you’re asking about? Since I’m the alpha male, I get the best cave in the woods and all to myself. Luckily for you, there are two beds in here so I can fit another person in here. We’ve got running water, the TV works, and I can get you anything you want.”


She turned to him, a look of surprise and wonder on her face.


“This is perfect. But I have one last question. Why are you doing this all for me?”


“I told you, Anya. I can tell you’re a very special girl. You may not be skinny like some guys would like. But there’s something about you that I want. And I know you’d make a great addition to our pack. Even if you don’t want to become a wolf, you can still live here with me. Just say the word and I’m yours.”


Anya felt herself slowly giving in. She knew she needed a place to stay and where better than in this comfy place with the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen? The harder decision was whether or not she really wanted to become a wolf.


“Okay, I’ll move in here. But give me some more time to think about becoming a werewolf. I’m not sure about that just yet.”


He gave her the biggest smile she’d ever seen.


“Take as much time as you need, Anya. In the meantime, let’s get you moved in.”


The walk back to her apartment took almost no time at all it seemed. They got her car packed with everything she’d need that night. She made sure to give her landlord the finger one last time before getting in her car and driving back to the woods.


She found a convenient parking spot just outside the woods and left her car there. Zack gave a short, high-pitched whistle and a few minutes later, four really muscular guys stepped out of the woods.


“Anya these are the strongest guys in my pack. They’re going to help us get you moved in.”


Indeed, they proved to be very helpful and it only took a few trips from her car to move everything from her apartment to the cave. When everything was finally where it was supposed to be, she waited for the other wolves to leave.


“Just a minute guys, I need you to move one more thing out of here,” said Zack, pointing at one of the beds. They grinned at him, picked up the bed and carried it out of the cave.


Anya was confused.


“Why did you have them move that bed? Unless…”


Zack moved closer to her and it suddenly dawned on her.


“Anya you know I want you. We’re going to be living together so we might as well get comfortable.”


It was in that moment that she realized she was his and he was hers forever. She felt a rush of adrenaline and love and desire all at once as she wordlessly lay down on the bed, waiting for him to take her. He got the message.


He slowly removed his shirt, letting her drink in the sight of his incredible body. Rings of muscle arched around his body and rippled when he moved, making Anya wet. She’d never been licked down there, but she couldn’t wait.


He bent down and tore her clothes off with practiced hands, throwing them in the corner of the room. He quickly grabbed her chubby legs and began to tease her playfully, tracing his tongue along the inside of her thighs, making her groan.


Anya shuddered with pleasure as he licked her, enjoying the taste of her soft, dark skin. He ran his fingers up her legs, arousing her more and more as they got closer to her folds. She groaned as he ran his tongue right next to her slit, teasing her mercilessly. His mouth was more ferocious the second time, gently nibbling at her pussy as she moaned with pleasure. Just when Anya thought she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore, he pressed his tongue onto her clit.


Anya cried out and closed her eyes, her mind devoid of any thought except that she couldn’t believe she was getting her sopping wet hole eaten out by a gorgeous guy and wonderment of the fact that something could feel this fucking good.


She felt herself release as her orgasm rose to the surface, sending her juices spraying onto his face. He laughed as her juices spurted onto his face, enjoying her pleasure. Anya laid back on the bed, exhausted. But even though she was tired, she ached to feel him inside of her. And she had an idea.


 “Let’s go outside,” she said breathlessly, still high from her first orgasm. “This is my first time and I want it to be special. I want you to turn. I want to fuck a werewolf.”


He grinned as though this had been his plan all along.


“I was hoping you’d say that.”


Without another word, she got up and followed him out of the cave and into the clearing. Anya’s heart started to race with excitement. Was she, a young, curvy, inexperienced virgin, seriously about to fuck a werewolf for her first time?


She turned to Zack just as his transformation began. He got a concentrated look on his face, as though he was thinking hard about something. His face began to grow a long snout as brown fur started poking up everywhere on his body. He was bigger and stronger than any of the other wolves Anya had seen. He tore his pants off as the muscles on his arms and legs bulged even more, rivaling any bodybuilders.


And then she saw it. The very first cock Anya had ever seen in real life.


She was transfixed by it as it grew, longer and harder from in between his legs. All she could think about was that thing stuffed in her mouth and pussy. When the transformation was complete, Zack didn’t hesitate. He quickly moved towards her and attacked her viciously with his tongue, sending it straight into her mouth.


She giggled as they kissed, sending sparks of electricity racing down their entwined bodies. He quickly moved down to her large, bare breasts and began to suck. Anya’s nipples were rock hard as he worked his tongue magic, making her even wetter than before. Anya loved getting her tits sucked, but she wanted more. She wanted his cock.


She reached down and grabbed it with both hands. It was so big, there could have been two sets of hands wrapped comfortably around it. She felt him put his paw gently behind her head and understood immediately. It was time to suck her first cock.


She touched her tongue to the head tentatively, just getting a small taste at first. Zack wouldn’t take any teasing though. He began to slowly thrust into her mouth, face fucking her. His cock was gigantic and he couldn’t even fit the whole thing in. But Anya knew she could take it. She swirled her tongue around each and every ridge, exploring it carefully, making sure the entire thing was soaking wet.


She bobbed her head up and down on him, making him groan with pleasure. She’d never sucked cock before, but she could tell she was pleasuring him well. She took his cock out of her mouth and began to massage him, making him growl even louder. Zack couldn’t resist anymore. He had to be inside of her.


He gently eased her back on the grass as he prepared to enter her soft folds. Anya let out a gasp as she felt him slowly enter her body, taking it easy on her at first. She felt a small amount of pain as he first entered, but that was quickly extinguished as he pushed all the way inside. She gripped his shoulders as he settled into her, making himself comfortable, letting her get used to the feel of it.


She could feel her inner muscles clamp around his hardness. Her body knew it wanted him. He slowly eased out of her, taking the time to lick her breasts with his long, wolf tongue, before pushing himself into her again. He thrust into her harder this time, knowing she could take it.

Before long, Anya was getting well and truly fucked, pounded harder than she ever would have dreamed possible. In an out his cock moved, easily striking her g-spot as she groaned with pleasure.


Zack felt himself losing control as her wetness seeped over his gigantic wolf cock, his thrusts less measured, his breathing less controlled. Still he moved faster and faster, faster than any human could have moved. He gripped her flesh with his paws, lightly grazing her love handles as he felt himself slipping.


But he wasn’t done yet. He flipped her over effortlessly, placing her in doggy-style, his cock still deep inside of her. He began to fuck her even harder, grabbing onto her big tits as she started to scream with desire.


Anya cried out as she felt her body release its juices once more, her mind completely devoid of any thought but the feel of this giant throbbing cock in her pussy. She felt a seeping hot liquid shoot into her pussy, hitting all the right spots as she realized he exploded shortly after she did.


Anya lay back on the grass, reveling in the thought of what she’d just done. She’d lost her virginity to a werewolf. And she couldn’t be happier. Words couldn’t describe the emotions she was feeling. Was it love? Was it just pure lust? She had no idea. But she knew one thing. The only thing that mattered in the world was Zack.


She turned to face him but found he’d already turned back into his human form. He grinned at her as she got up off the grass and walked over to him, fighting the urge to grab his human cock.


“So, how was that for your first time?” he asked her.


“That was amazing, Zack. I’m so glad I met you. I just can’t believe I met you only a few hours ago and already we’re together.”


He smiled down at her.


“I know. But I told you, all my instincts told me you were the one. You were special. You are the perfect one.”


Anya was confused as she followed him back into her new home.


“What do you mean I’m the ‘perfect one?’” she asked, curious.


They got back to the bed and Zack collapsed onto it, exhausted.


“Listen, Anya, I have a small confession to make. I know you are perfect for me and I love you. But there was another reason I wanted to fuck you tonight.” His expression grew serious again.


“I need an heir.”


Anya blinked. She didn’t know what to say. She knew deep down she’d be taking a risk fucking without protection, but it hadn’t occurred to her that she could be a mom. She was just too attracted to Zack to even think about it at the time.


“You mean, you wanted to get me pregnant?”


He nodded.


“You are probably going to end up pregnant. You still don’t have to join the pack, but I need someone to inherit this pack if I decide to leave. I’m sorry, Anya.”


She moved over to the bed and kissed him, long and deep.


“I’d love to be the mother of your heir,” she whispered, meaning every word as she ran her fingers through his hair. “As long as you and I are together, I’ll be fine. And there’s something else too,” she said, now looking directly into his hypnotic eyes.


“I want to be with you forever, Zack. I want to become like you. I want to become a wolf. Turn me into one of you so that I can be with you forever. I’ll be your queen or princess or whatever you want me to be. All I want is you.”


His face broke into the biggest smile she’d ever seen and he kissed her again.




It had now been four months since Anya had lost her virginity to a werewolf. Anya couldn’t be happier with her life now. She had a stable job, an amazing boyfriend, and had met some great friends with her new pack. She never would have dreamed how incredible it was to actually transform into a wolf, to become something she’d loved for so long.


But best of all, Zack was exactly right: she was pregnant. When she began to feel a kicking in her stomach, that was when she knew. And she couldn’t wait to have her half-werewolf child. She was a little nervous about raising a child at her age, but she knew that as long as she had Zack, she would be able to handle anything.