In his note to the essay on Paul Verlaine in the second edition of The Symbolist Movement in Literature, Symons remarks: ‘A complete translation of the Fêtes Galantes, together with poems from many other volumes, will be found in a small book which is meant to be a kind of supplement to this one.’ He may be referring to Knave of Hearts, published in 1913 with the subtitle ‘1894–1908’, since it includes all of his extant translations from Verlaine up to that point, but these had already been published in an edition of his collected poems from 1902. The intervention of his mental breakdown in the summer of 1908 has left his intentions unclear.

Symons started translating Verlaine’s poems after their meeting in 1890, adding a selection from Fêtes galantes to the second edition of Silhouettes in 1896. His translation of part of Mallarmé’s unfinished poem in dialogue, Hérodiade, appeared prominently in the final issue of the Savoy in December 1896. This appendix reproduces the translations from Verlaine and Mallarmé that Symons himself appended to the 1919 edition of The Symbolist Movement. Where I have found significant differences between earlier published versions of these translations, I have indicated this in a note. In one case, I have reproduced an alternative version of Symons’ translation of ‘L’Amour par terre’ because these differences were so great. I have omitted Symons’ translations of ‘Soupir’ (‘Sigh’) and ‘Brise-Marine’ (‘Sea-Wind’), as they can be found in his essay on Mallarmé (above).


(Stéphane Mallarmé)

I. Clair de Lune
II. Pantomime
III. Sur l’Herbe
IV. L’Allée

V. À la Promenade
VI. Dans la Grotte

VII. Les Ingénus
VIII. Cortège

IX. Les Coquillages
X. En Patinant

XI. Fantoches

XII. Cythère
XIII. En bateau

XIV. Le Faune
XV. Mandoline
XVI. À Clymène

XVII. Lettre

XVIII. Les Indolents
XIX. Colombine
XX. L’Amour par Terre

XXI. En Sourdine
XXII. Colloque Sentimental

I. Soleils couchants

II. Chanson d’automne
III. Femme et Chatte

 VIII. Spleen
IX. Streets

I. Art poétique

II. Mezzetin chantant