1865     Arthur Symons born.
1882   Publishes his first article (on Robert Browning), aged 17.
1884    Begins editing Shakespeare for Frederick J. Furnivall.
1886     Publishes his first book of criticism, An Introduction to the Study of Browning.
1888   Meets Walter Pater in Oxford.
1889   Publishes his first collection of poetry, Days and Nights; makes his first visit to Paris with Havelock Ellis.
1890   Rhymers’ Club founded; Symons becomes an member and meets W.B. Yeats; Symons and Ellis return to Paris, where he meets Huysmans, Verlaine and Mallarmé, as well as Irish writer George Moore; Symons becomes editor of the Academy (briefly); he begins an inconclusive five-year relationship with Katherine Willard (she is engaged to another man).
1891   Moves into Fountain Court; travels through Provence and Spain with Ellis, and visits Germany for the first time.
1892   The Book of the Rhymers’ Club (Symons contributes four poems); Symons writes reviews for the Star, St James Gazette and Athenaeum; publishes Silhouettes; The Minister’s Call produced by the Independent Theatre Society.
1893   Verlaine visits England and lectures in London (where he stays with Symons) and Oxford; Symons becomes involved with ‘Lydia’; ‘The Decadent Movement in Literature’.
1894   First issue of the The Yellow Book (includes ‘Stella Maris’ by Symons); Symons translates L’Assommoir by Zola.
1895   Yeats and Symons share rooms in Fountain Court; Symons publishes London Nights; Symons issues then withdraws a writ against Pall Mall Gazette claiming damages for a hostile review of London Nights; Symons meets with Leonard Smithers and Aubrey Beardsley in Dieppe to plan the Savoy.
1896   First issue of the Savoy published (January); Symons travels to Ireland with Yeats in the Summer; Symons and Yeats visit Paris where they see a performance of Albert Jarry’s Ubu Roi; in December the last issue of the Savoy includes an advert for The Decadent Movement in Literature; Symons visits Rome, meets writer and politician Gabriele D’Annunzio and his mistress, the actress Eleonora Duse.
1897   Symons publishes Amoris Victima (narrating his extended affair with ‘Lydia’).
1898   Symons meets Rhoda Bowser (later his wife); he works on The Symbolist Movement while travelling in France and Spain.
1899   Sends draft of ‘Introduction’ to The Symbolist Movement to Yeats in June, while working on the proofs.
1900   Publishes The Symbolist Movement in Literature and Images of Good and Evil.
1901   Marries Rhoda Bowser and moves out of Fountain Court; The Loom of Dreams.
1902   Symons and his wife make an extended tour of Europe; Poems (in two volumes).
1903   Attends a reading of J.M. Synge’s Riders to the Sea.
1904   Meets John Quinn, New York lawyer and major patron of the arts; meets James Joyce in London to help with publication of his first collection of poems; publishes Studies in Verse and Prose.
1905   Publishes semi-autobiographical short stories, Spiritual Adventures.
1906   The Fool of the World and Other Poems and Studies in Seven Arts.
1907   William Blake and Cities of Italy.
1908   Second edition of The Symbolist Movement in Literature (simultaneously published in the USA); Symons suffers nervous breakdown in Italy. He is brought home under supervision, certified as insane and committed to Brooke House in London.
1909   Doctors tell Symons’ wife, Rhoda, that there is no chance of his recovery; Dante Gabriel Rossetti and The Romantic Movement in English Poetry.
1910   Symons is allowed to leave Brooke House and moves to Island Cottage under his wife’s supervision; Joseph Conrad visits Symons at Island Cottage; Symons starts to show signs of recovery.
1913   Knave of Hearts.
1916   Figures of Several Centuries.
1918   Colour Studies in Paris.
1919   Studies in Elizabethan Drama.
1920   Charles Baudelaire: A Study and Lesbia and Other Poems.
1923   Love’s Cruelty and Dramatis Personae.
1924   Collected Works.
1925   Studies in Modern Painters and Notes on Joseph Conrad.
1927   Parisian Nights and Eleonora Duse.
1929   Studies in Strange Souls and From Toulouse-Lautrec to Rodin.
1930   Confessions and A Study of Oscar Wilde.
1931   Jezebel Mort and Other Poems and Wanderings.
1932   A Study of Walter Pater.
1936   Death of Rhoda Symons.
1948    Death of Arthur Symons.