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June 16, 2021, 09:15:36 AM
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I'm continuing to get rid of my paper copies of books, making sure I have a proper epub before giving them.
I downloaded Azazel by Asimov, but the copy from Trantor (XdYyXZZ4zGKIgJey) had a lot of issues.
I fixed them according to my paper copy, and uploaded as book/t0zKXpU2kuHiSVye (awaiting moderation at the moment).
Here's a list of changes:

Added missing pages 70 & 71 in "A mater of Principle" story.
TOC: Added links in HTML, fixed ncx file.
Added paragraph breaks (just a few per chapters), merged and split a few paragraphs.
Added italic & emphasis.
Added Epigraph, Copyright pages, Dedication, Acknowledgments, Introduction, and Back Cover sections.
Rewrite most of the style to match my paper copy. Purified the original html file to their minimum form.
Added "Florentine-Opti-Bold" font for title page and chapter titles. This now looks very similar to the hard copy, but from the fact that titles were triple-underlined while css only does double.
Added Bantam Books svg logo on the title page.
Changed cover page with a bit less compressed version, that matches my paper copy.
Changed regular quotes ' into forward quotes ’.
Fixed a bunch of OCR failures like ail->all, Ealdur->Baldur, Tour->Four, AU->all, ... plus a *lot* of punctuation.
Removed most of the spaces around dashes (—). I usually prefer with spaces around (though never more than one), but this version now matches the original.

This replaces book XdYyXZZ4zGKIgJey "Azazel"
but also the chapter stories that were published in Trantor as separate epubs:
zvICzq0dRudgpGzK The Two-Centimeter Demon
xKOS7OetKqJACv4k One Night of Song
kGD_QV1JCKs-bUcH The Smile That Loses
DTCDuoia-ZHDEkxC To the Victor
BBkFjLn8vqkpMqt2 The Dim Rumble
BrrXQdGtzdtWS7-z Saving Humanity
Ww3A7uRVqvu-do67 A Matter of Principle
BcMIerQ8PcTWbNlx The Evil Drink Does
EHKojD1VTyQlKNEn Writing Time
Aap2Tei_okwj2w7u Dashing Through the Snow
z5uvaMp43v_mi80H Logic Is Logic
qpqOV2_9r0_ATkGf He Travels the Fastest
qAqln2gpPxpbG33x The Eye of the Beholder
GnTvbc0F_bfIluT_ More Things in Heaven and Earth
UisG5N6IlYjLzd_W The Mind’s Construction
ZYysGVzdrxhcQCK7 The Fights of Spring
cAylwR4X-GT_R0yN Galatea
RWNnNAZiQh6h54pi Flight of Fancy

I believe all these 19 epubs should be deleted or archived.

Enjoy! And many thanks to the uploader of the previous version!
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June 28, 2021, 03:28:45 PM
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Re: Azazel
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Amazing, thank you for cleaning up the book and finding all those duplicates.
Happy reading!!!