Advanced Search

It is possible to search books in an specific language adding lang:code to the search string. See for example some searches:

There is other topics than lang that can be used:

Other ways to access the library


The Imperial Library of Trantor has support for OPDS, witch allows you to browse and download books from any ebook reading software that supports OPDS. To use it just add the following url as your catalog address in your device:

In android devices works fine with fbreader configuring orbot to transparently proxy it's internet connection over tor.


With RSS you can use your feed reader to see the lattest updates on a certain search or the news of the library. To get the RSS url of some search just click on the .


For the command line geeks there is a cli client: hummin

To install it in a debian based system (like ubuntu) just do:

$ sudo apt-get install golang
$ sudo go get
$ hummin


There is a JSON API for the library, with it you can write bots and other cool things like hummin.

You can add ?fmt=json to almost any page on trantor and you'll get a json of the contents of the page. I'll love to hear if you do something cool with it, please tell me by email.


There is an unofficial telegram bot run and maintained by a member of our library community: @imperialdownloaderbot

You can find more in it's forum thread. Or checking its source code: