[Demonblood 01] • A Demon Made Me Do It

The Complete Demonblood Saga · A Demon Made Me Do It / Fire With Fire · Curse of Shadows& Light

The Complete Spellbound Trilogy Bundle

[en] The Complete Spellbound Trilogy Bundle Ascension Press
King, Penelope,

[Demonblood 02] • Fire with Fire

[en] [Demonblood 02] • Fire with Fire Ascension Press
King, Penelope,

[Spellbound Trilogy 01] • Witchy, Witchy

[Demonblood 03] • Curse of Shadows and Light

[In the South 01] • The Dirty South

Beyond 50

[en] Beyond 50 Riverdale Avenue Books
King, D.L.,

Mischief and Mistletoe

[en] Mischief and Mistletoe Zebra
Beverley, Jo, Putney, Mary Jo, Rice, Patricia, Cornick, Nicola, Gracie, Anne, Bourne, Joanna, King, Susan Fraser, Elliot, Cara,

Coming in Hot · Box Set

[en] Coming in Hot · Box Set Smashwords Edition
Kincade, Gina, Szyn, Izzy, Jax, Josie, Adams, Élianne, Burgess, Amy Lee, Dawson, Angelica, Bishop, Erzabet, Rand, Chanta, Lee, K.N., Felthouse, Lucy, Krieger, D.F., Leroux, Lucy, Wilson, Muffy, James, Xandra, Shaw, Bethany, Bathory, Elvira, Jameson, Red L., Grieve, Kathleen, O'Malley, Tierney, Ganiere, Rebekah R., Silva, Penelope,

Daddy's College Roommate

Sycorax's Daughters

[en] Sycorax's Daughters Cedar Grove Books
Brooks, Kinitra,