The Professor and the Parson

[en] The Professor and the Parson Counterpoint Press
Sisman, Adam,

Radical Ritual

[en] Radical Ritual Counterpoint LLC
Shister, Neil,

The Revisioners

[en] The Revisioners Counterpoint
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson,

Here Comes the Night

[en] Here Comes the Night Counterpoint LLC
Selvin, Joel,

Island of the Mad

[en] Island of the Mad Counterpoint LLC
Sheck, Laurie,

Science and Spiritual Practices

[en] Science and Spiritual Practices Counterpoint
Sheldrake, Rupert,

A Mistake

[en] A Mistake Counterpoint
Shuker, Carl,


[en] Bespotted Counterpoint LLC
Sexton, Linda Gray,

The People Are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore

Tragic Encounters

[en] Tragic Encounters Counterpoint LLC
Smith, Page,

The Spiral Notebook

[en] The Spiral Notebook Counterpoint
Singular, Stephen, Singular, Joyce,

And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy

[en] And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy Counterpoint LLC
Shirk, Adrian,


[en] Criminals Counterpoint
Siegel, Robert Anthony,

A Kind of Freedom

[en] A Kind of Freedom Counterpoint LLC
Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson,

The Method Actors

[en] The Method Actors Counterpoint
Shuker, Carl,

Good Indian Girls · Stories

[en] Good Indian Girls · Stories Counterpoint LLC
Sidhu, Ranbir Singh,

This Is Where We Came In

[en] This Is Where We Came In Counterpoint LLC
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon,

My Father is a Book

[en] My Father is a Book Counterpoint LLC
Smith, Janna Malamud,

Two-Part Inventions

[en] Two-Part Inventions Counterpoint
Schwartz, Lynne Sharon,

Half in Love

[en] Half in Love Counterpoint LLC
Sexton, Linda,