[Noble House Kink 02] • Switch It Up

[Midwest Boys 0.50] • #Rogue

[en] [Midwest Boys 0.50] • #Rogue Independently published
Brooks, A.M.,

[The Abandoned 01] • Lost & Found

[en] [The Abandoned 01] • Lost & Found Covey Publishing, LLC
Brooks, E.B.,

[Hearts 01] • Hearts and Bruises

[en] [Hearts 01] • Hearts and Bruises Nadege Richards
Brooks, A.M.,

[Window Shopping Collection 04] • One Way or Another

The Whispering House

[en] The Whispering House Transworld Digital
Brooks, Elizabeth,

[The Moore Family 01] • Finding Bliss

[en] [The Moore Family 01] • Finding Bliss Little Bird Publishing, LLC
Brooks, Abby,

[Dummies 01] • Pressure Cookers For Dummies · 2nd Edtion

A Girl Called London

[en] A Girl Called London Custard Books
Lydon, Clare,

In the Language of Love

[en] In the Language of Love HarperCollins Publishers
Schoemperlen, Diane,

You Don't Live Here

[en] You Don't Live Here Katherine Tegen Books
Schneider, Robyn,


[en] Malarky Biblioasis
Schofield, Anakana,

A Watershed Year

[en] A Watershed Year Lake Union Publishing
Schoenberger, Susan,

The Wildlands

[en] The Wildlands Counterpoint LLC
Geni, Abby,

[Swift River Valley 03] • Cider Brook

[Sharpe & Donovan 01] • Meurtre à Heron's Cove

[Swift River Valley 05] • A Knights Bridge Christmas

[Sharpe & Donovan 03] • Declan's Cross

[Black Falls 03] • Un mystère à Black Falls

[Ireland Series 04] • The Whisper