[en] Trouble US Allied Books
Swift, Beckett,

[The Stirring 01] • Guide My Heart

[Quinnie Boyd Mysteries 02] • Vampires on the Run

[FairyTales Don't Exist 01] • Alexia Eden

[Clockwise 02] • Clockwiser

[en] [Clockwise 02] • Clockwiser ESB Publishing
Strauss, Lee,

Farrah in Fairyland

[en] Farrah in Fairyland
Stranges, B.R.,

Queen Victoria

[en] Queen Victoria Sheba Blake Publishing
Strachey, Lytton,

[The Detective Temeke Crime Series 03] • Past Rites

[Spirit Guide 04] • Brush with Death

[en] [Spirit Guide 04] • Brush with Death Sacred Oaks Press
Stevens, E.J.,

Chance Encounters

In My Shoes

[en] In My Shoes Smashwords
Stephens, Adrian,

Tower of Destiny

[en] Tower of Destiny RP Books
Stanek, Robert,

Seeds of Dissent

[en] Seeds of Dissent RP Books
Stanek, Robert,

Pawn of Dragons

[en] Pawn of Dragons RP Books
Stanek, Robert,

Sade's Secret

[en] Sade's Secret Wahida Clark Presents

[Deep Witches Trilogy 0.50] • Stoneskin

[en] [Deep Witches Trilogy 0.50] • Stoneskin A Girl and Her Fed Books
Spangler, K.B.,

Feel Again

[en] Feel Again
Sousa, Fallon,

[Fallen Star 01] • The Fallen Star

[en] [Fallen Star 01] • The Fallen Star CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Sorensen, Jessica,

We Are All Strangers

Warrior Zone

[en] Warrior Zone Darby Creek (Tm)
SaBerre, Kristen,