The Elements of Power

The Elements of Power
Terry Bacon
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Having been named one of the top thinkers on leadership in the world, author Terry Bacon uses his years of experience as the former CEO of a global consulting firm to share insights about power and leadership with up-and-coming influencers. In Elements of Power, he teaches readers how things like their own knowledge, expressiveness, history, character, network, and reputation can open the complex combination lock to true leadership and irresistible influence. Whether you're interested in taking on a more substantial role in your professional or personal life, these tools already at your disposal are the key to achieving success. Applying the latest research on the nature of power all over the world, this invaluable guide shows readers how power works in organizations, how people use and lose power, the relationship between power and leadership, what makes famous people powerful, and how to lead and influence others more effectively. Complete with examinations of key business...