All I Want For Christmas Is My Mating Stone

All I Want For Christmas Is My Mating Stone

The tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung, and Mack is ready to celebrate the holidays with her sexy vampire, Kyran. But, when she discovers her mating stone has gone missing, she is ready to sever some heads!

Christmas cheer quickly turns to chaos, when the other females at Zeum can't locate their stones, either. Subsequently, terrible events occur one after another, and Mack is convinced it's because of the missing jewels. She fears her worst nightmare has come true!

Did the Archdemon steal the stones, and finally obtain the leverage needed to gain access to the Triskele Amulet? If so, the Lord of the Underworld will soon wreak havoc on her friends and family, as well as, the entire planet!

Mack and Kyran travel to the dragon realm, Khoth, in search of a clue to the whereabouts of the stones. Poisonous birds, mischievous gnomes, and a sexual rendezvous beneath a waterfall, can only mean one thing. It's another unforgettable adventure with the feisty, sarcastic, f-bomb dropping Mack and her deviant Vampire Prince, Kyran...

What begins as a search for a shiny stone ends with the couple learning the true meaning of love, sacrifice, and family. Christmas miracles exist, if you truly believe!