[Peter Sharp Legal Mystery 09] • The Final Case

[Peter Sharp Legal Mystery 09] • The Final Case
Grossman, Gene
Magic Lamp Press
women sleuths , mystery; thriller & suspense , criminal law , two hours or more (65-100 pages) , mystery , evidence , professional & technical , literature & fiction , law
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There are many types of mysteries, but one stands out over all the others: the ones involving a Locked Room. Over the years, every mystery writer worth his salt has tried to come up with the one that tops all the rest: the secret compartments, the doors locked from the inside, the confused timeline, etc., etc, etc. Jacques Futrelle set the standard with his "Problem in Cell 13," but there hasn't been a really fine stumper since then... Until now. Gene Grossman seems to have created a locked room mystery to end all locked room mysteries: not only is the room locked - it is a steel security room from which entry or escape is physically impossible. The crime is actually seen by several witnesses, but the murderer has disappeared into thin air. If this mystery is to be solved, nobody has a better chance of doing it than a 12-year-old computer whiz: an adorable little Chinese girl who is the legal ward of attorney Peter Sharp.