Prophesy Book III

Prophesy Book III

Chaos is inevitable when fate pairs the executioner of evil with a man of righteousness.

In all the years that Adres Cavalerie has inhabited the earth, he never thought he would discover his connection to the Prophesy within the Volkov Alphas stronghold.

As the oldest living vampire, Adres was also the strongest immortal of his time with abilities that surpassed comprehension. He was a warrior and guardian, a champion for the downtrodden and forgotten. His name was legendary, the brutal ways he killed, notorious. But there was a secret to his madness that no one of this world understood.

Until his evil soul comes into contact with Macauley Volkov's righteous wolf.

"You may be a master at hiding your scent." The alpha dipped his head low and pressed his nose to Adres's temple, breaking through one of his impenetrable shields, "but, I smell the real you... vampire."

Adres has come to the White Mountain alphas to fulfill a duty and leave, but after...