[Unmated 03] • Unchained

[Unmated 03] • Unchained
Kiera Legend
DreamInkes Publishing
romance , paranormal , fantasy
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Because I love him… I have to leave him.

Asher is perfect for me.

Tall, muscular, and devastatingly handsome.

A powerful shifter and alpha-to-be.

He’d do anything to keep me safe.

Which is why he’s not happy when I become a spy behind enemy lines.

But it’s the only way to stop the coming war.

I can only hope I make it back alive.

Especially since I’m carrying his child…

…and don’t know if I’m ready to be a mother.

But we have other, more immediate problems.

The final confrontation between the shifters and the humans has begun.

My loyalties to two worlds are being tested, and the call to power is strong.

Can we find our way back to each other?

Or is our relationship doomed, until I know what side I’m on?

Can I be the mate he deserves…

… when I’m no longer sure who I am?