[Dark Fantasy 02] • Red and the Wolves

[Dark Fantasy 02] • Red and the Wolves
Blake, Zoe & Hensley, Alta
romance , fantasy , adult
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A Dark Reverse Harem Romance from USAT Bestselling Authors Zoe Blake Alta Hensley

This is no fairytale…

As the Blood Moon rises, I’ve been chosen.

Chosen to serve, to obey…to die…for no one survives their time with the Wolves.

As I am dressed in the ceremonial Red Hood, all I can think of is escape.

But there is no escape.

The lives of my village depend on my submission to the accursed Wolves.

There are five of them.

Five men cursed to live as Wolves.

Cursed for generations, forced to protect my village from the dark forces.

But they demand a heavy price for their protection. Me.

Five against one…against me alone.

My only hope for survival is to tame the wolves…but submission is not in my nature.

Warning: In our Fairytales, there is danger in the shadows, the beasts bite and no Heroine is truly safe. If dark tales of danger, forced attraction and multiple partners offend you then please do not purchase.