[Sierra Falls 01] • Sierra Falls

[Sierra Falls 01] • Sierra Falls
Wolff, Veronica
Berkley Sensation
contemporary , suspense , general , fiction , romance
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Sierra Falls, California, is one of those sleepy towns that people choose to leave. Sorrow Bailey chose to stay behind, but has always yearned for more...

Family is important to Sorrow. She gave up her dreams to run the struggling family lodge. Even her name is a family relic, though lately it feels like a curse that might determine her fate. Things look up when she discovers a collection of letters from her three-times great-grandmother and namesake, telling the story of a forbidden love affair.

Billy Preston is the new sheriff, a widower escaping the grief of his former life as a big-city cop. He helps out after an accident at the Baily lodge, and what begins as admiration for Sorrow's quiet strength quickly becomes something much more. When Sorrow's discovery brings fame to Sierra Falls, and her dreams of a better life are within reach, one too many "accidents" have Billy wondering whether someone is willing to kill to keep them off the map.

As the community pulls together, Sorrow takes a lesson from her ancestor's letters: Only in family, friends, and love do you find true joy.