The Ghosts of Paradise Place

The Ghosts of Paradise Place
Andy Conway
teen & young adult time travel , fiction historical , gaslamp , alternative history , box set , fantasy historical , urban fantasy series
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Don't look back or the devil will get you...

Taking up a new job at the Birmingham Central Library, Kath Bright is haunted by sinister occurrences in the brutalist concrete complex.

It's 2008 and Britain slides into its first credit crunch Christmas. But money troubles are not Kath's only concern as she uncovers a chilling tale of witch hunts and a Victorian murder mystery from the archives. But this past becomes very real and there's a killer on her trail.

The dark anti-heroine of the bestselling time travel saga gets her own personal origin story in this novella that reveals how she first found her touchstone.

Brilliant... a great story... back to the best for me.

I read this book in one sitting - I loved it!

Love the atmosphere in this story - 'deep and crisp and evil' - wonderful.

Couldn't put it down! Really loved it and didn't want it to end.