[Highlander's Seductive Lasses 02] • Highlander's Torn Bride

[Highlander's Seductive Lasses 02] • Highlander's Torn Bride

An enemy turns to a lover. An old friend to a foe...

Destitute orphan of a disinherited lady, Margaret Gunn, is given the hardest choice of her entire life: to sacrifice her freedom for her sibling's safety.

When her cousin, Isobel, flees a betrothal commanded by the illustrious Queen Mary, Margaret's uncle is desperate for her to take his daughter's place and save the entire clan from reprimand. Margaret has striven to provide for herself and her younger siblings for many years now and has little to show for it.

It seems like a match made in heaven... as long as Margaret is willing to sacrifice her independence and her intended marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Gavin.

But that's only the beginning for our young heroine. Her uncle reveals that her soon-to-be husband is none other than Laird Alexander MacKay, sworn enemy, of the Gunn clan.

Margaret is scandalised by the prospect of marrying someone her clan has hated for centuries. However, one might meet his destiny in the road he takes to avoid it...

Laird Alexander Mackay is a handsome, strong warrior who becomes irrevocably enthralled by the beauty of his new bride. Their connection is karmic.

But, when Gavin asks Margaret not to bed Alexander on their wedding night, she agrees out of misplaced loyalty.

Can Alexander and Margaret ever overcome the centuries-old feud between their families? Will Margaret ever find happiness for herself?

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