A King to Be Feared

A King to Be Feared
Brea Alepoú
romance , gay , lesbian , lgbt
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With great power comes great destruction. Or something like that….. ****

Titos has never been powerful, but as he continues to gain more keepers his power grows. It’s almost too much. He finds out more of what it means to be a soul eater and why his kind has been practically wiped out. He has to stand tall, be a king, and defend his home.

But as his list of enemies continues to grow Titos isn’t sure how much longer he can stand strong. His existence is one that will be feared by all.

Can his keepers help him keep it together?

A king to be feared is book 3 in the ongoing Our King Our Master series and cannot be read as a standalone. Features Gay harem, action, epic battles, and magical beast. Order :1. A King to be Claimed2. A King to be Protected3. A King to be Feared **