Season to Taste

Season to Taste
Young, Natalie
Little, Brown and Company
contemporary , mystery
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A startling novel about a woman who murders her husband and...eats him.

Lizzie Prain lives a quiet life in a cottage in Surrey. She likes to cook. She loves her dog. And she has been married to Jacob for far too long.

Jacob has not been seen for a few days. That's because Lizzie snapped last Monday and killed him. Over the course of the following month, with no other option at hand and no income, Lizzie will use her best skill--cooking--to dispose of Jacob. When she finds unexpected kinship with an isolated misfit, she will be tested: Will Lizzie confess or will her new friend be an unwitting accessory to her crime?

Funny and disturbing, SEASON TO TASTE is a novel about the definitive end of a marriage, and its very strange aftermath.