Searching for Sea Glass · BEST-SELLING AUTHOR (Sea Glass Secrets Book 1)

Searching for Sea Glass · BEST-SELLING AUTHOR (Sea Glass Secrets Book 1)
Wingate, Teal
Night Owl Novels
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Teal Wingate is the pen name of a best-selling, award winning, and multi-published writer. Her many novels are best-sellers in several genres. Her screenplays have been produced into a movie, a television pilot, and many features for cable . Her articles and columns have been featured in newspapers and magazines.

Searching for Sea Glass is Book One in her newest series- Sea Glass Secrets. This series, set in the small southern coastal town of Sea Glass, is published by Night Owl Novels. It will feature sensual, heartwarming, and deeply romantic storylines told with grace and charm.

Searching for Sea Glass is Sunny Murphy's story. She's a sweet, sassy southern girl whose life seems to be always on the verge of spiraling out of control. She chanced to meet a man on the beach one night five years ago. A powerful, sensual man who gave her a devastating first taste of passion. A man she's never quite been able to forget. But she's got her best friend's orphaned son to raise. And a small town café to run. Despite the tragedy that was her childhood, she is happy with her complicated, busy life and her wide circle of eclectic friends.

Billionaire John Deacon McIntyre is Texas royalty. He's a tough-minded cynic who runs his international corporate empire and his extended family with an iron fist. He's looking for his missing baby sister, dodging the marital snares of a cold-hearted social climber, and trying his best to forget the innocent, quirky girl he met on that long ago midnight beach. She was eons too young and idealistic for a man as experienced and jaded as JD.

But circumstances can surely change in five long years. A phone call interrupts a wedding. A long-lost sister's grave is found. A secret baby is revealed. An unknown father's funeral is attended. A Cinderella style makeover is gifted. A ruthless seduction is planned. All these seemingly random actions will set in motion a chain events that guarantee John Deacon McIntyre will be compelled to go... Searching for Sea Glass.

Praise for Teal Wingate's Novels:

"The characters were so complex and the story line so fast paced it a was a hard book to put down."

"The romantic tension in this story is sizzling."

"You can't put it down! It's gripping!"

"I loved this novel, it had everything you could want in a novel. There was humor, romance, intrigue and a compelling story."

"She wove together a story of a hard, crass, life worn man with what he said in the beginning of the novel, "would be his destiny." And she did it in such a way that the reader was carried along and loved every minute of it. We knew this big strong handsome guy would at some point give in, but the author was brilliant in the way she took the reader along with him each step of the way."

"Romantic, exciting, funny and heart-warming!"

"Romantic, sweet, and touched with moments of suspense and mystery, this is a tale that I eagerly read through but was not ready for it to end."

"I couldn't put this book down! What a great read!

"The author handled this story with finesse and realism."

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