Harrys Nuttenreport · Tagebuch eines Freiers

Harrys Nuttenreport · Tagebuch eines Freiers

Ohnesorg, Harry,
Harry Ohnesorg
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The son of an alcoholic and abusive father, Harry always found it nearly impossible to find friends, love or sex. The loneliness and unsatisfied needs caused severe depressions early on, and they would accompany him during all his life. Not being able to cope with rejections and losses, he found himself stuck in a vicious circle. When his fears turned into desperation and his depressions into bitterness, his final attempts to find happiness put him into more trouble than ever before.

When Wiebke appeared and attempted to open Harry's eyes, she pushed him over the edge. He lost his mind, but then he gained the power to change his life. Like Icarus, he flew too high too fast, and the fall hurt more than ever before.

When Katy appeared, Harry undertook his final and biggest step to find happiness, fighting his disorders and, eventually, adversaries he would never be able to defeat.

When Daria appeared and showed him who he truly was, he realized she held the keys to his life in her hands. Would Harry be able to handle what she was going to give him?

"Natural Born Single" provides an uncensored insight into the distorted mind of an individual combatting a lifelong depression and more than a dozen personality disorders.