[Beasts Of The Highlands 02] • Highlander's Scarred Angel

[Beasts Of The Highlands 02] • Highlander's Scarred Angel

**Other girls desire a handsome Prince. She needs a warrior.**

After defeating the Munroes and saving their homeland; Fionnaghall, **one of the four Ross sisters has to return as a ruler.**

Cenna is the third youngest of sisters and **a brave warrior despite her angelic looks.** Her oldest sister Godet is married to Laird Gordon MacDonell. His brother Tristan, will accompany her on her way to Fionnaghall. **He looks more like a handsome prince than a warrior at first.**

Tristan has an inclination towards Cenna, but in their first meeting, **she threatens to cut his throat!** **She will later realize his scarred body does not match his pretty face...**

When Cenna is abducted by a fierce enemy, **the two will truly understand how they feel for each other.**

Will it be too late though? **Is Cenna going to make it out alive and save Fionnaghall with Tristen?**

**"Highlander's Scarred Angel" is a story packed with romance, challenge, and bravery, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.**