The Feather and the Moonwell

The Feather and the Moonwell
Pao, Shean
WordFire Press
magic , willow woman , fantasy , mythology , witch , celtic , high fantasy , myth , knights , demon , shean pao , irish , sorcerer , archetype , troll , shaman , legend , warrior , feather , moon well , magical , wizard , witches
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New York Times bestselling author David Farland—mentor to such hugely successful writers as Brandon Sanderson, James Dashner, Brandon Mull, and Stephenie Meyer—presents the first in a line of David Farland Discoveries, promising new authors whose work merits your special attention.

Legend tells of a sorceress, the Willow Woman, living within a white tower outside of the great city of Ethcabar, who owns a vast hoard of strange and curious items. If you bring her something precious to add to her Collection, she may grant your wish ... or curse you.

But when a vile lord from the sixth hell learns of the Willow Woman’s powerful gifts, he sends the demon Barbarus to bribe her. By peering into her magical Moon Well, the Willow Woman glimpses an astonishing future—one that promises to bring her joy, though it could plunge the world into war and chaos.

A story of selfishness, friendship, betrayal, hope, and the search for God, The Feather and the Moon Well is a magical tale built within the fringe of Irish Mythology.

It is the first novel by Shean Pao in the epic series, In the Brilliance of Sun.

“In The Feather and the Moon Well, Shean Pao draws upon traditional tales of the fairy realm for inspiration, while creating a world that is uniquely her own. The resulting tale is richly drawn and completely seductive. This is a story that bears reading again and again.”— David Farland, New York Times bestselling author of The Runelords series.