Running Scared

Running Scared
Vaughn, Velvet
Velvet Vaughn
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Declan Elliot has fully recovered following serious injuries obtained while protecting Jamal West from danger. The ink isnt yet dry on the contract for Declan to become COBRA Securities newest agent when Jamals life is threatened again. Declan drops everything to rush to his rescue.

Kenzie Bryant reported her boss for harassment and was unceremoniously fired from her job as an editor. On the same day she was canned, she learned her beloved aunt had died. As Kenzie is clearing out her aunts condo, a ruthless gang sets their sights on the young boy in the unit next door and Kenzie is caught in their crosshairs.

On the run for their lives, Declan and Kenzie fall in love while teaming up to evade and outwit the killers. As they race to discover why the gang is targeting a seven-year-old boy, the threats become increasingly violent and deadly. Time is running out to uncover the motive and neutralize the threat before it's too late.