Inside the Red Border

Inside the Red Border
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As a unique window on the world, the cover of TIME is the most celebrated and coveted showcase in print journalism. People who have had their faces on TIME's coverPresidents and movie stars, corporate titans and sporting legendsconsider it one of the highest forms of recognition. To TIME's worldwide audience of nearly 50 million, the cover declares, "Dear reader, we've decided this is important for you to know." In Inside the Red Border, thousands of weekly statements of who and what matters are telescoped into a single, never-before-assembled volume that traces our modern history through TIME's iconic artwork and cover stories that became an influential part of the news they were covering. TIME's cover, "has never lost its power to immediately send the signal...that in some way history is being made before our eyes." That power was reasserted as recently at May 2012 by TIME's instantly famous cover, "Are You Mom Enough?" In celebration of 90 years of TIME, Inside...