Star-Crossed to Star Dust

Star-Crossed to Star Dust
Wheelock, Steven
Steven Allan Wheelock
liberty , economics , passenger pigeon , politics , romance , space opera
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While orthodons and humans interbreed, a cruel star-civilization plots to render orthodons and humans extinct.

It was an era of mass surveillance, tyranny, and interstellar warfare aided and abetted by fiat money essentially created out of thin air.

The main character would be a man named Mole, who would find himself marooned on war-destroyed planet Earth, amongst other adventures. The novel's cover image depicts bikini-clad Padparadscha (Mole's wife) playfully flexing her muscles on her wedding night.

An excerpt from this satiric, horror-comedy space opera novel:

"Love is built upon a foundation of trust; I remember you saying that earlier."

"'Trust' is the operative word," Mole agreed. "Now where were we?"

"Talking about women."

"Right ... women," Mole said stalling for time. Inwardly, he was disgusted with the Human Empire for having taught Victor math and engineering skills, and little else, save selected bits of history; and in spite of his disgust with humanity, said, "Most women desire to love thy neighbor, live honorable lives ... stuff like that there."

"And men?" Victor prodded.

"Yes, of course. The men. Let us not forget the men." It was now darker inside the ship, rendering Victor color-blind, though he could still see considerably more than the one who was closer to the starlit airlock. "Most men," Mole's voice echoed through the old spacecraft, "desire to love thy neighbor, live honorable lives, love their women, and for the most part, do good deeds before their souls depart this material plane. Unfortunately, there's a small percentage of men who desire to rule others with an iron fist. And that's why human history is written in blood. All in all, I'd have to say women are slightly better than men."

"Why's that?"

Mole answered, "Women aren't generally known for starting wars, and for turning once-beautiful planets like this one into vast wastelands; besides, it was men who pushed the buttons and unleashed nuclear war on this world. For that reason alone I'm inclined to believe women are better than men. But it's still a very close call; after all, male or female it's still the same species."