[Dark Collections 03] • Bringing All the Bad · Two Dark Novels (Dark Collections Book 3)

[Dark Collections 03] • Bringing All the Bad · Two Dark Novels (Dark Collections Book 3)

In Bringing All The Bad, two novels delve into the dark, where monsters disguise themselves as human. There, we discover what it really means to be special...and female.

Magic Baby in Room 108

After a mysterious phone call, Detective Melody Baker busts a highly organized child sex-trafficking ring. Though many children are rescued, there are more to find and time is of the essence. As authorities search, one rescued child spins a fantastical tale for the police. Is her story born of trauma-induced madness or does something more lie behind it. As Melody is soon to discover, there is more than one way to find justice and sometimes, a monster can be a detective’s best friend.

All of Them Dead or Hidden

In a single day, tens of millions of women inexplicably drop dead...and they continue to die. The world desperately searches for some pathogen to cure or weapon to eliminate, but there is none to find. All too quickly, women become the most endangered of creatures.

Four women follow three very different paths through the end of their world. For none of them is survival guaranteed. For none is life easy. As desperation shifts to a grinding determination, humanity must grapple with a terrible choice. When our existence depends on a few surviving women, can humanity afford to let them choose their own future?