[Unmated 01] • Unmated

[Unmated 01] • Unmated
Kiera Legend
DreamInkes Publishing
fantasy , romance , paranormal
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A Rejected Mate Shifter Paranormal Romance.

I’m just your average college student who worries about grades and finals. Or at least I thought I was until today, my twenty-first birthday, when my whole life has turned upside down.

Growing up, I didn’t know much about my family’s history, but I learned to stop asking a long time ago. Little did I know, Mom chose my birthday to inform me that I was bound to return to my father’s village… of wolf shifters.

The price for not going? A curse.

Turns out, I am meant to be mated with the pack’s alpha, Asher Shaw. Except, he’s rude, cocky, and about as happy with this arrangement as I am—which means, not at all.

But I refuse to be forced into this life I never asked for, just because of my parents’ mistakes. So, I found a way out. A way to break the curse, freeing me to go back to my real life, and him to run his pack as he wishes. Our only path to freedom will force Asher and me to work together and get along—or die trying. Though it might prove difficult, because the only thing I have in common with “my mate” is our desire to outrun our fate to be together.

Our futures are on the line, but I’m not giving up without a fight.

There is only one problem. The primal draw to each other is something we never expected. Is our determination enough to resist it? Or will the powers that bind us be stronger than either of us can deny?