Love Never Dies · Time Travel Romances

Love Never Dies · Time Travel Romances
Veque, Kathryn Le
Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.
anthology , romance , time travel , fiction
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In this four-book collection by USA Today Bestselling author Kathryn Le Veque, lose yourself in both the past and the present, and discover why Love Never Dies....

Love transcends time. Through the mists of space and time, true love always finds a way. Soul mates never really part. In this limited edition collection, discover what makes love so powerful that it endures the eons only for that one moment where it is called upon to live again. This collection includes:

The Crusader: A twist on "Sleeping Beauty". A knight on Richard the Lionheart's crusade is put into suspended animation, only to be awakened by the kiss of the one who loves him best.

Kingdom Come: In the sequel to The Crusader, the knight and his ladylove travel back in time to 13th Century England and change history forever.

Echoes of Ancient Dreams: An ancient Irish king, his beautiful queen, and an evil wizard who casts a spell upon them. Part One of a two-part series (Part Two will be published later this year).

The Immortal Sea: The immortal son of the god Poseidon finds his true love and his destiny in modern times.