Celtic Women's Spirituality

Celtic Women's Spirituality
McCoy, Edain
Llewellyn Publications
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Now you can forget any preconceptions you might have about what it means to be a woman, and unleash your inner warrior as you embrace a timeless vision of the divine: strong, courageous, feminine. Then learn to craft your own spiritual practice centered firmly in the Celtic mystical tradition that honors the feminine when you read "Celtic Women's Spirituality "by Edain McCoy.

In this book you'll discover how any woman can awaken that burning Goddess spirit and release the wisdom and magick that is her birthright. You'll be able to:

- Access the energies of the Warrior, Mother, Crone and Virgin

- Perform the ritual of bonding with a friend in the Celtic soulfriend ritual

- Learn the Celtic Wheel of the Year and how it is specifically related to women's spirituality

- Discover the wisdom of the Celtic myths through ritual drama

- Awaken your creativity with guided mediations

- Use Celtic magick for healing and divination

Included in this book are the keys to visiting the Otherworld on a shamanic journey. There you will uncover ways to overcome unhealthy and inhibiting fears, connect more intimately with the divine, improve your divination skills, and help manifest your warrior self. Finally, you will learn what you must do to become a modern Pagan priestess and self-initiate yourself into the Celtic tradition.

Here is your chance to find your personal strength and inner power in a way that will allow you to manifest all of your strengths. "Celtic Women's Spirituality" is a journey of growth and self-discovery. Come! Start this journey today.