Sirens of the Northern Seas · A Viking Romance Collection

Sirens of the Northern Seas · A Viking Romance Collection
Veque, Kathryn Le & Markland, Anna & Rand, Violetta & Prince, Emma & Rose, Elizabeth
Dragonblade Publishing
historical , anthologies , anthology , romance , fiction
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Le Veque... Markland... Rand... Prince... Rose... and VIKINGS.

Five of the bestselling authors in Historical Romance now bring you a collection of never-before published Viking tales unlike any other. If you like Vikings, and powerful romance, you'll not want to miss SIRENS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS.

The pairing of Norsemen and wildflowers may seem an unlikely combination. Vikings evoke images of strong, sometimes brutish men who allow nothing to stand in their way as they journey to the ends of the earth. They're not normally associated with tender feelings.Wildflowers, however,conjure more personal and sentimental images. SIRENS OF THE NORTHERN SEAS brings together these two elements, seamlessly blended, into an unforgettably romantic collection.

KINGDOM BY THE SEA by Kathryn Le Veque is a tale based on Edgar Allan Poe's poem "Annabel Lee". In this story, the Bluebell becomes the common thread between the hero and heroine in this deeply romantic and bittersweet tale of two warriors crossing paths in the midst of a Norse raid.

In VIKING HEARTS by Violetta Rand, the Purple Saxifrage serves as a testament to the heroine’s Viking lineage and provides vital proof of her connection to a great Norse family.

A VIKING'S PROMISE by Elizabeth Rose tells the tale of dainty blue Forget-Me-Nots carrying the weight of the hero's promise to his betrothed as he leaves for a raid across the sea.

In THE BRIDE PRIZE by Emma Prince, the yellow Coltsfoot blossom signals the end of winter, but Emma’s hero and heroine must overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles before they can enjoy spring’s sweetness together.

In Anna Markland's tale, BANISHED, a simple handful of Bluebells picked from a meadow by childhood sweethearts becomes a symbol and eventually an acknowledgement of a love long denied.

Please enjoy these brand-new stories from these bestselling authors.