[Viking Warriors 01] • The Viking's Bride (Viking Warriors Book 1)

[Viking Warriors 01] • The Viking's Bride (Viking Warriors Book 1)

*I tried to run. But there’s nothing he won’t do to have me.

I was forced to marry a ruthless Viking Warlord.

Now, I’m carrying his twins. *

Grim is big, fierce, and handsome beyond words.

But he's a killer, feared by all.

I can’t believe my father would force me to marry this barbarian.

Could a man like that ever love anyone, let alone me?

We’re from two different worlds.

Being with him in fantasy is far different than reality.

A happy marriage seems impossible.

So, I ran. But he found me, put me over his shoulder.

And brought me back to be his bride.

I hate how his gruffness makes my body yearn.

I hate how his touch drives me wild.

But what if there's more to him than a broken and vicious warrior?

*Could I get the happily ever after I've dreamed off?

Or will I always be his captive bride? *