Midnight Symphony (10 Novellas of Horror & Suspense)

Midnight Symphony (10 Novellas of Horror & Suspense)

Ten masters of horror and suspense have teamed up to present ten bone-chilling novellas that will keep you reading late into the night. With over 200,000 words, MIDNIGHT SYMPHONY is an experience like none other ... and available only for a limited time.

THE TENT -- A family, rent asunder by estrangement and lost in the woods, discover a lone yellow tent which promises a safe haven from the storm ... but they would have been better staying lost.

THE PAINTED DARKNESS -- There's something hiding in the cramped cellar of the old farmhouse Henry calls home, and as a winter storm cuts off all contact with the outside world, this something is going to force Henry to confront the demons of his past ... or die trying.

SAMSON AND DENIAL -- When a junkie walks into Samson Gallows' pawn shop with a mummified head, Samson is thrown into a downward spiral through the streets of Philadelphia ...

DO UNTO OTHERS -- When things in his life go from bad to worse, Jim Cornell unwillingly becomes involved with a shadowy group of people who claim allegiance to demonic forces.

IN PERPETUITY -- When your son is taken from you, what will you do to get him back?

WAITING OUT WINTER -- An apocalyptic tale of survival against a very tiny beast, which turns the hunters into the hunted.

FOR EMMY -- Sometimes, there is no way to keep your loved ones safe ...

THE DIABOLICAL CONSPIRACY -- An infatuation with an alluring and mysterious co-worker leads Mike Bradley into a web of Satanic madness.

THE MAN ON THE BENCH -- In the summer of 1922, a mysterious man appears in town ... a man only children can see.

MIDNIGHT MASS -- In a town on the New Jersey shore, the vampires have just arrived ...